Role Locked Cards

Role Locked Cards

Currently, every clan has two legal roles. Each role opens up a selection of cards that can be used in decks. In this article we have the current list of cards for each role visually displayed so you can get a better idea of the options available.

Updated with new cards from Bonds of Blood

Keeper of AirSeeker of Air
Keeper of EarthSeeker of Earth
Keeper of FireSeeker of Fire
Keeper of WaterSeeker of Water
Keeper of VoidSeeker of Void

Currently, the available roles for each clan are:

ClanFirst RoleSecond Role
CrabKeeper of WaterSeeker of Void
CraneSeeker of FireSeeker of Void
DragonSeeker of VoidKeeper of Water
LionKeeper of EarthSeeker of Air
PhoenixKeeper of AirSeeker of Void
ScorpionSeeker of AirKeeper of Air
UnicornSeeker of WaterKeeper of Water

Keeper of Air

Keeper of Earth 

Keeper of Fire

Keeper of Water

Keeper of Void

Seeker of Air

Seeker of Earth 

Seeker of Fire

Seeker of Water

Seeker of Void

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18 Replies to “Role Locked Cards”

    1. If you mean when will the roles from Worlds kick in, they are active now. The list above is current. If you’re wondering when we will have 3 roles simultaneously, the current plan is to stick with only 2.

  1. It’s wrong.
    “Elemental Roles in 2019
    As we go into the next year of Organized Play, what will the role system look like?

    Roles will be selected three times per year:

    At the Winter Court World Championship, granting access to those roles from January to August.
    During the first season of Elemental Championships, granting access to those roles from May to December.
    During the second season of Elemental Championships, granting access to those roles from September to April.”

    1. It took me a few hours of asking around to work out what was going on. I thought maybe Tyler had said something at the event, but no it’s hidden in a tiny little spot on an article about something else!

  2. Has any info leaked out about the card “Seeker of truth/Keeper of power” that was given in koteis ? It seems to have Daisestsu on the seeker side with “Maho” as a keyword, and Kuni Yori on the other with “Shadowlands”… The cards were on the tables at GK Paris and I have yet to find any info on this…

      1. Ok. The lack of explanation going with it and the quality of the cards was confusing. Thanks.
        Any info on who did this and why ?

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