Resource – Judges Pack

Resource – Judges Pack

Following the Irish Kotei, we’ve had a couple of requests for info on the packs the Judges had. The idea here was to make sure the Judges had everything they needed already printed and at their fingertips.

Last updated 31st July 2018

FFG provide a set of important resources already and as these are the official rules and tournament guidelines they are essential. The links below are to the existing files, but you do want to make sure you check to see if there are more up to date versions.

Currently, the most complete source for unofficial rulings is Each card lists all the associated rulings which are carefully curated by a fantastic team who make sure only confirmed rulings, despite being unofficial as they aren’t in the rules reference, are added. To compile these I run an R script which uses the websites API to get the list and create a PDF with all the cards listed in alphabetized order.

One thing we didn’t have in the pack but was suggested possibly as a handout for players was the SUPERB mnemonic for conflict resolution, so we’ve put together a big page.

That’s it. Nothing magical, just everything we currently have available printed to make sure it was easily accessible for the Judges. If anyone from FFG is reading, I would strongly recommend they take the current rulings from the website and add them into the rules reference. A quick read through will confirm the team there have done a fantastic job. This would really improve the existing document. The Judges could also do with a warning system as currently the only options for some infractions are to DQ people or do nothing. A list of warning that was kept updated after every major tournament and was available for Judges to refer to would be a big help. It would also mean that players who ‘accidentally’ gain a point of extra fate until they are caught won’t be able to get away with it every tournament.

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2 Replies to “Resource – Judges Pack”

  1. Hello Imperial Advisor,
    This is an off-topic post and more of a question, really. Recently the play group at my friendly local game shop has almost disappeared. The consensus is that L5R is like modern architecture: beautiful, precise, and cold. Many players complain about the high variance in the dynasty deck, the dominance of scorps who can skip said phase for a more reliable and effective conflict character party, and the general grind of the game.

    Several players have jumped ship to Netrunner, which they report is much crisper, and with more euphoric moments. Sure, they still take a bad beat every now and then in Netrunner, but the pace of the game and the ability to run it back without getting decision fatigued is appealing in a game. Simply put, playing Netrunner is fun, where L5R is unforgiving work.

    Despite going all-in on L5R, buying a lot of cards and playing a good deal, I can appreciate the critique. What do you guys think? Is the game still exciting for you all, or have you started to feel the grind?

    As always, I appreciate the content. You all put out quality stuff.

    1. Hey Matt,

      Thanks for posting. We like this comment so much the current plan is to do our next episode around it. In short, for me at least:
      * I really love L5R as a game
      * I’m not worried about Scorpion doing well, we’re only a few cards in after all. If they’re dominating in 6 months then we have an issue.
      * I came to L5R from Netrunner which has had its ups and downs, as much as I love them both, there are issues with both games so it isn’t all roses for the corps and runners.
      * After the Warpcon reporting, I took a bit of a break from the game. We’re in a natural lull where we’ve worked out most of the first cycle and are waiting on the first clan pack. That gave me some time to play computer games, paint some miniatures, and enjoy some board games. I’m still looking forward to the Paris Grand Kotei coverage and I’m excited to play with the new cards from the Phoenix clan pack.

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