The Hall of Heroes – Hatamoto

The Hall of Heroes – Hatamoto

We’re approaching the end of the Kotei season, and the ranks of Hatamoto worldwide has continued to grow. In this article, we attempt to compile a full list of all the players who have achieved Hatamoto, so that their victories might be known.


This list is being reconstructed from posted results. If you have more details or corrections please post below!

Names with a line through them are players who lost their Hatamoto status as they played another clan.

Kiku Matsuri Season

Date Event Name Faction
2017-08-17 Gencon 2017 Eoin Burke Crab
2017-08-17 Gencon 2017 Joe Habes Crab
2017-08-17 Gencon 2017 John Merholtz Crab
2017-08-17 Gencon 2017 Benjamin Torell Unicorn
2017-08-17 Gencon 2017 Todd Preissig Crab
2017-08-17 Gencon 2017 David Winner Crane
2017-08-17 Gencon 2017 Devin Bell Crane
2017-08-17 Gencon 2017 John Urbanek Crane
2017-08-17 Gencon 2017 Matthew LeGare Crane
2017-08-17 Gencon 2017 Agustin Garzino Dragon
2017-08-17 Gencon 2017 Brad Emon Dragon
2017-08-17 Gencon 2017 Christopher Pottorf Dragon
2017-08-17 Gencon 2017 Chris Vaccaro Dragon
2017-08-17 Gencon 2017 Christopher Satkowski Dragon
2017-08-17 Gencon 2017 Gunnar Traustason Dragon
2017-08-17 Gencon 2017 James Balthis Dragon
2017-08-17 Gencon 2017 Kilian C. Downey Dragon
2017-08-17 Gencon 2017 Jordan McClure Unicorn
2017-08-17 Gencon 2017 Kyle Vankoevering Lion
2017-08-17 Gencon 2017 Ryan Rocket Lion
2017-08-17 Gencon 2017 Timothy Wells Lion
2017-08-17 Gencon 2017 Jean-Baptiste Laroche Phoenix
2017-08-17 Gencon 2017 Matthew Beck Phoenix
2017-08-17 Gencon 2017 Nicholas Soto Phoenix
2017-08-17 Gencon 2017 Stephen Vann Phoenix
2017-08-17 Gencon 2017 Travis McDaniel Phoenix
2017-08-17 Gencon 2017 Trenton Selhorst Phoenix
2017-08-17 Gencon 2017 Brian Benzel Scorpion
2017-08-17 Gencon 2017 David Lapp Scorpion
2017-08-17 Gencon 2017 Ernest Glaneman Scorpion
2017-08-17 Gencon 2017 Mark Armitage Scorpion
2017-08-17 Gencon 2017 Mathew Frye Scorpion
2017-09-02 L5R Honored Gregory Miguel Henriques Crane
2017-09-02 L5R Honored Stefan Rockensüß Crab
2017-09-02 L5R Honored M. A. Alexander Dragon


A new season starts at Worlds (Winter Court). Hatamoto get their repeat reward only if they achieved Hatamoto twice within the same season.

Toshi Ranbo Season

Date Event Name Faction
2017-11-01 Worlds 2017 Samuel Benies Lion – Shogun
2017-11-01 Worlds 2017 David Hoyland Crab
2017-11-01 Worlds 2017 Jeremey Campshure Crane
2017-11-01 Worlds 2017 John Urbanek Crane
2017-11-01 Worlds 2017 Davis Tower Kingsley Dragon
2017-11-01 Worlds 2017 Timothy Wells Lion
2017-11-01 Worlds 2017 Travis McDaniel Phoenix
2017-11-01 Worlds 2017 Johnny Shen Scorpion
2017-11-01 Worlds 2017 Mark Armitage Scorpion
2017-11-01 Worlds 2017 Brandon Zimmer Unicorn
2017-11-17 Pax Unplugged GK Stephen Didion Crab – Champion
2017-11-17 Pax Unplugged GK Trevor Holmes Lion
2017-11-17 Pax Unplugged GK Robert Hebert Scorpion
2017-11-17 Pax Unplugged GK Kyle Wislocky Crane
2017-11-17 Pax Unplugged GK Timothy Wells Lion x2
2017-11-17 Pax Unplugged GK David Gearhart Dragon
2017-11-17 Pax Unplugged GK Ryan Green Unicorn
2017-11-17 Pax Unplugged GK Paul Heaver Crab
2017-11-17 Pax Unplugged GK James Balthis Scorpion
2017-11-17 Pax Unplugged GK Alex Jacobs Dragon
2017-11-17 Pax Unplugged GK Ernest Patton Lion
2017-11-17 Pax Unplugged GK Ronny Szutu Crane
2017-11-17 Pax Unplugged GK Quinn Wongkew Phoenix
2017-11-17 Pax Unplugged GK James Matthews Phoenix
2017-11-17 Pax Unplugged GK Chris Hojnowski Unicorn
2017-12-01 Madrid Pablo Pintor Espinosa Crab – Champion
2017-12-01 Madrid Juan Palomo Cisneros Scorpion
2017-12-01 Madrid Fernando Castanon Teran Lion
2017-12-01 Madrid Alejandro Castro Iniquez Dragon
2017-12-01 Madrid David Teba Moreno Phoenix
2017-12-01 Madrid Daniel Correas Lopez Crab
2017-12-01 Madrid Ricardo Blanco López Unicorn
2017-12-01 Madrid Sergio García Angel Lion
2017-12-01 Madrid Marc Valles Casares Crane
2017-12-01 Pax South Aneil Seetharam Dragon
2017-12-01 Pax South Johnny Shen Scorpion x2
2017-12-01 Pax South Carl Meisner Phoenix
2017-12-01 Pax South James Balthis Crane
2017-12-01 Pax South Shey Ramsey Lion
2017-12-01 Pax South Nathan Garcia Crab
2017-12-01 Pax South Gene Saunders Unicorn
2017-12-01 Pax South Christopher Pottorf Scorpion – Champion
2018-01-27 Cork Matt Light Scorpion – Champion
2018-01-27 Cork Piotr Romanowski Scorpion
2018-01-27 Cork Pierre le Masson Crab
2018-01-27 Cork Ken Curran Crane
2018-01-27 Cork Josselin de Carvalho Dragon
2018-01-27 Cork Dave Russell Lion
2018-01-27 Cork Eugenio Camalich Phoenix
2018-01-27 Cork Darren Davis Unicorn
2018-03-09 Paris GK Vincent Lafarge Dragon
2018-03-09 Paris GK Remi Carbonne Crane
2018-03-09 Paris GK Jean Cochard Lion
2018-03-09 Paris GK Tarek Alatrach Phoenix
2018-03-09 Paris GK Min Tam Thai Scorpion
2018-03-09 Paris GK Orian Gissler Crab
2018-03-09 Paris GK Andre Rinn Unicorn
2018-03-09 Paris GK Jakub Irzyk Scorpion – Champion
2018-03-09 Paris GK Nicolas ‘Chuterêve’ Simonpietri Crane
2018-03-09 Paris GK Robert Haustein Crab
2018-03-09 Paris GK Nicolas Vaurette Phoenix
2018-03-09 Paris GK Josselin de Carvalho Dragon x2
2018-03-09 Paris GK Sebastien Francomme Lion
2018-03-09 Paris GK Romain Verdier Unicorn
2018-03-09 Paris GK Pierre le Masson Crab x2
2018-04-15 Warsaw Piotr Romanowski Scorpion x2
2018-04-15 Warsaw Adam Horvath Crane
2018-04-15 Warsaw Marios Bounakis Lion
2018-04-15 Warsaw Igor Treskunov Dragon
2018-04-15 Warsaw Metatron Crab
2018-04-15 Warsaw Daniel Nica. Phoenix
2018-04-15 Warsaw Artur Dzia. Unicorn
2018-04-15 Warsaw Jakub Irzyk Scorpion x2 – Champion
2018-05-19 Dusseldorf Sebastian Kleiner Scorpion
2018-05-19 Dusseldorf Philipp Röver Scorpion
2018-05-19 Dusseldorf Alain Laugier Crane
2018-05-19 Dusseldorf Michal Michalowski Crab
2018-05-19 Dusseldorf Hendrik Ritter Phoenix
2018-05-19 Dusseldorf Vincent Lafarge Dragon x2
2018-05-19 Dusseldorf Geoffrey Lebrun Lion
2018-05-19 Dusseldorf Patrick Marx Unicorn
2018-05-24 Atlanta Hayes Hunter Lion
2018-05-24 Atlanta Joseph Scalco Phoenix
2018-05-24 Atlanta Steve Palumbo Scorpion – Champion
2018-05-24 Atlanta Emran Omar Dragon
2018-05-24 Atlanta Daniel Schroder Crab
2018-05-24 Atlanta Kyle Wislocky Crane x2
2018-05-24 Atlanta Mychal Edwards Unicorn
2018-05-24 San Francisco Bert ‘Toreadory’ Perry Scorpion
2018-05-24 San Francisco Andrew De Jesus Lion
2018-05-24 San Francisco Alex Dunseth Crab – Champion
2018-05-24 San Francisco Davis Tower Kingsley Dragon x2
2018-05-24 San Francisco Evan Gibbs-Forrester Phoenix
2018-05-24 San Francisco Andrew Kim Crane
2018-05-24 San Francisco Kenneth Cromack Unicorn
2018-05-24 San Francisco Philip Huang Dragon
2018-06-01 Birmingham GK Jakub Irzyk Scorpion x3 – Champion
2018-06-01 Birmingham GK Pierre le Masson Crab x3
2018-06-01 Birmingham GK D Horn Phoenix
2018-06-01 Birmingham GK Kostas Adamopoulos Dragon
2018-06-01 Birmingham GK Erik Baalhuis Crane
2018-06-01 Birmingham GK Shadowblade Lion
2018-06-01 Birmingham GK Marcus Archer Unicorn
2018-06-01 Birmingham GK Pablo Pintor Espinosa Crab x2
2018-06-01 Birmingham GK Adam Horvath Crane x2
2018-06-01 Birmingham GK Santiago Ortega Scorpion
2018-06-01 Birmingham GK Richárd Török Phoenix
2018-06-01 Birmingham GK Stefano Montanari Dragon
2018-06-01 Birmingham GK Luke Richards Lion
2018-06-01 Birmingham GK Milán Terék Unicorn
2018-06-09 Melbourne Glen Saward Crab – Champion
2018-06-09 Melbourne Adam Fry Crane
2018-06-09 Melbourne Garth Davos Dragon
2018-06-09 Melbourne Bert ‘Toreadory’ Perry Lion
2018-06-09 Melbourne Merlin Floyd Phoenix
2018-06-09 Melbourne Benjamin Szymkow Scorpion
2018-06-09 Melbourne George Glover Unicorn
2018-06-15 Origins Aneil Seetharam Dragon x2 – Champion
2018-06-15 Origins Kyle George Scorpion
2018-06-15 Origins Max Williams Crab
2018-06-15 Origins Travis McDaniel Phoenix x2
2018-06-15 Origins Lucas Wu-Fienberg Crane
2018-06-16 Bologna Marcos Yergia Scorpion
2018-06-16 Bologna Marcin ‘Gnimsh’ Filipowicz Crane
2018-06-16 Bologna Nicolas Passemard Unicorn
2018-06-16 Bologna Ralph Pfeufer Dragon –  Champion
2018-06-16 Bologna Orian Gissler Crab
2018-06-16 Bologna Marco Guerresi Phoenix
2018-06-16 Bologna Fabio Malino Lion
2018-06-16 Bologna Piotr Romanowski Scorpion x3
We still have a few names missing. Some of the above might be incorrect if so I apologize to the people I’ve listed in error! I also need to account for players who have lost Hatamoto as they were playing a different clan. The goal would be to have these with a line drawn through them. If you have details, please post them!

If you have any comments or feedback please post them in the comments section below. Join us on our Twitch stream every second Monday at 8pm BST, 9pm CEST, 1pm PST.

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12 Replies to “The Hall of Heroes – Hatamoto”

  1. “Paris GK Simon Pietri Crane”

    Actually it’s “Nicolas Simonpietri” They butchered Chutereve name sadly. :p

  2. Unicorn Hatamoto here. Ricardo Blanco López 6-2 at Madrid Kotei. Won challenger round and lost first final rounds against an Scorpion clan player. Nice work!

  3. The Dragon hatamoto for Melbourne is Garth Davos (not Gareth). You have his name incorrect in the Melb meta check as well.

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