Episode 6: Kisada’s Blockade

Episode 6: Kisada’s Blockade

Imperial Advisor
Imperial Advisor
Episode 6: Kisada's Blockade


Colm “Colabear” Brophy, Eoin “Hida O-Win” Burke, Justin Walsh and Barry “Bazleebub” Sheppard discuss the latest news of the L5R LCG.

In this episode we look at the Dragon Clan, discuss Hida Kisada, and chat about tournament ettiquette.

Had a bit of trouble with the audio recording but hopefully got it tidied up, but I was hearing an echo which caused me to stumble quite a bit.

2 Replies to “Episode 6: Kisada’s Blockade”

  1. On etiquette and tournaments, while in most cases you’re right that one should play by the strict letter of the rules, this tournament is different as it’s also the release of the game. There are going to be many people who haven’t played the game and don’t know the rules, and accommodations should be made for such players, anything less and you become the very players you complain about.

    1. That’s fair. Mostly my concern is in response to the overly permissive attitude that had flourished in my environment when I was active. It essentially boiled down to “L5R players are better people than other CCG players and would never cheat”. That attitude essentially gave cheaters free reign as their decks weren’t being shuffled and judges weren’t being called.

      I’m keen for the new game to have accepted etiquette where each player follows basic rules to discourage cheating. I think we can manage a balance where it protects players from cheating without punishing innocents. That’s stuff like always present your deck to your opponent to cut and verbally acknowledge action windows “I’ll pass as my pre-conflict action”. I guess you could call it good play hygiene.

      You are right though, we need to do this in a way that is positive and inviting for new players.

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