About Us

About Us

We are a group of Irish L5R players spread across Europe who love the game and love talking about the game. Watch, listen or read our ramblings.

Justin – Andy – Colm – Barry – Eoin

Colm “Colabear” Brophy is a London based player and host of the show. Asking dumb questions of smart people so you don’t have to.

Barry “Bazleebub” Sheppard is a Dublin player who has run community sites and written extensively about the game mechanics.

Justin Walsh is a former world champion player who was involved in the player design team as well as working in a variety of roles for AEG to develop the L5R CCG.

Eoin “Hida O-Win” Burke has played L5R for 20 years playing, winning and running tournaments. He was also involved playtesting and designing L5R products.

Andy Gordon is a game designer living in Berlin. He had a lot of success in the CCG including winning Koteis.

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