Shoguns of Rokugan

Shoguns of Rokugan

Each year, players of the Legend of the Five Rings Living Card Game compete at the Winter Court, the top-level event. The winner of that event is awarded with the title of Shogun and gets to make a decision that changes the world of Rokugan.

2017 – Kiku Matsuri Season

Our first Shogun was Samuel Benies from France who won Winter Court in 2017 playing Lion. Sam defeated John Urbanek playing Crane in the finals. He was given a story choice of whether Matsu Tsuko would pursue Duty or Justice. He selected Justice which resulted in Matsu Tsuko releasing her captive Doji Kuwanan to investigate the death of his Doji Toshimoko.

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Yōjin no Shiro
Seeker of Air

Ancestral Lands
Fertile Fields
Meditations on the Tao
Shameful Display
The Art of War

Akodo Gunsō
3 Akodo Toturi
1 Deathseeker
3 Honored General
1 Ikoma Eiji
3 Ikoma Prodigy
3 Keeper Initiate
3 Kitsu Spiritcaller
3 Lion’s Pride Brawler
2 Matsu Beiona
3 Matsu Berserker
3 Obstinate Recruit
3 Staging Ground
3 Steadfast Samurai
3 Venerable Historian

2 Assassination
3 Banzai!
3 Charge!
3 Court Games
2 Fine Katana
3 For Greater Glory
2 For Rokugan
3 For Shame!
2 Good Omen
3 **Let Go
3 **Mirumoto’s Fury
3 Ornate Fan
3 Ready for Battle
2 Rout
3 Strength in Numbers
3 Way of the Lion

2018 – Toshi Ranbo Season

Our second Shogun was Erik Baalhuis from the Netherlands, who won Winter Court 2018 playing Crane. Erik beat Johnny Shen playing Scorpion in the final. He was given a number of choices on how the Crane would approach the Fox clan. He selected Kakita Kaezin to protect Doji Kuzunobu from the dangers of the perilous Kitsune forest.

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Shizuka Toshi
Seeker of Air

Entrenched Position
Fertile Fields
Magistrate Station
Manicured Garden
Shameful Display

1 Artisan Academy
3 Brash Samurai
2 Callow Delegate
3 Cautious Scout
3 Daidoji Nerishma
3 Doji Challenger
2 Doji Hotaru
3 Doji Whisperer
3 Favorable Ground
3 Guest of Honor
3 Imperial Storehouse
3 Kakita Asami
2 Kakita Kaezin
3 Kakita Yoshi
2 Miya Mystic

1 Admit Defeat
1 Assassination
3 Banzai!
1 Censure
3 Court Games
1 Doji Fumiki
3 Fine Katana
3 For Shame!
3 **Let Go
2 Menacing Iron Warrior
2 **Mirumoto’s Fury
1 Noble Sacrifice
3 Ornate Fan
2 Political Rival
2 Soul Beyond Reproach
3 Steward of Law
3 Voice of Honor
3 Way of the Crane

2019 – Kunshu Season

The third Shogun was Jose Luis Saenz from Spain, who won Winter Court 2019 playing Phoenix. In the finals he defeated Zachary Lowe of the Scorpion Clan. Jose decided that Akodo Toturi would investigate the attempt on his life and the mystery of the death of Emperor Hantei XXXVIII.

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Kyūden Isawa (Disciples of the Void)
Seeker of Void
Kuroi Mori (Core)
Manicured Garden (Core)
Meditations on the Tao (Core)
Shameful Display (Core)
Upholding Authority (Tainted Lands)

Character (27)
3 Ethereal Dreamer (All and Nothing)
3 Solemn Scholar (Core)
3 Adept of the Waves (Core)
1 Asako Tsuki (Meditations on the Ephemeral)
3 Miya Mystic (Core)
3 Acolyte of Koyane (Justice for Satsume)
3 Shiba Yōjimbō (Core)
3 Isawa Ujina (Children of the Empire)
3 Prodigy of the Waves (Into the Forbidden City)
2 Hantei XXXVIII (Children of the Empire)

Holding (13)
2 Ancestral Shrine (Children of the Empire)
3 Favorable Ground (Core)
3 Forgotten Library (Core)
3 Imperial Storehouse (Core)
1 Kanjo District (Meditations on the Ephemeral)
1 The Imperial Palace (The Chrysanthemum Throne)

Conflict (40)
Attachment (10)
2 Fine Katana (Core)
3 Ornate Fan (Core)
3 Cloud the Mind (Core)
2 Pacifism (Core)

Character (6)
3 Ancient Master (Breath of the Kami)
3 Isawa Tadaka (Bonds of Blood)

Event (24)
2 Banzai! (Core)
3 Censure (Into the Forbidden City)
3 Court Games (Core)
3 Let Go (Core)
3 Policy Debate (For Honor and Glory)
3 Supernatural Storm (Core)
3 Against the Waves (Core)
3 Clarity of Purpose (Disciples of the Void)
1 Display of Power (Core)

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