The L5R Story

The L5R Story

One of the best parts of the Legend of the Five Rings Living Card Game is the story that goes along with it, but it can be a little intimidating at the start. 

We recommend you start with this short primer on the background. 

Legend of the Five Rings – An Introduction to the Background for New Players

Short Stories

Next, you have a ton of fun short stories to work through. Some of these were released on the FFG website, others were included in packs. Maffster on the FFG Forums has done a great job of preparing the stories from the pack in a pdf form.

The Core Set Fiction

  1. The Great Clans
  2. An Empire In Turmoil
  3. A Season Of War
  4. Her Fathers Daughter
  5. The Price Of War
  6. The Rising Wave
  7. Dark Hands Of Heaven
  8. Risen From The Flames
  9. Curved Blades
  10. Smokeless Fire
  11. The World, A Stage

Winter Court 2017 Fiction

  1. A Most Suitable Teacher
  2. In the Garden of Lies (Part 1)
  3. In the Garden of Lies (Part 2)
  4. To The South (Part 1)
  5. To The South (Part 2)
  6. The Fate of Flames

Halloween 2017 Fiction

The Imperial Cycle

  1. The Fires of Justice
  2. The Stories We Tell
  3. Blind Ambition
  4. Service and Sacrifice
  5. A Difference Of Lanterns
  6. Family Duty
  7. Beneath, Below, Beyond
  8. Court Games
  9. Flying Chariot, Standing
  10. Honor, Loyalty, Duty
  11.  The Bright Flame of the World’s Glory
  12. Wildcats And Dragon Teeth
  13. Fireflies
  14. The Spectres of War
  15. Phoenix Novella – The Sword And The Spirits – Chapters
  16. Repentance Does Not Come First
  17. Phoenix Novella – The Sword And The Spirits – Epilogue
  18. Repentance Does Not Come First

The Elemental Cycle

  1. A Crane Takes Flight
  2. Gaze Into Darkness
  3. Kurosunai Village
  4. Awakened
  5. Outsiders
  6. Dreams of Shadow
  7. Heart of the Garden
  8. Snow And Sun
  9. Between the Lines
  10. A Swift End
  11. Tiger Stalks His Prey
  12. A Simple Test
  13. Scorpion Novella – Whispers of Shadow and Steel

Winter Court 2018

  1. A Call to Stewardship – Unicorn Clan Letter
  2. A Call to Leadership – Lion Clan Letter
  3. A Call to Witness – Dragon Clan Letter
  4. A Call for Diplomacy – Crane Clan Letter
  5. A Call for Unity – Phoenix Clan Letter
  6. A Call to Investigate – Crab Clan Letter
  7. A Call to Duty – Scorpion Clan Letter

Halloween 2018 Fiction

Kunshu Season Kotei

Children of the Empire

  1. Children of the Empire part 1
  2. Children of the Empire part 2
  3. Children of the Empire part 3

Kotei Letters 2019

The Inheritance Cycle

The Clan Wars

Halloween 2019 Fiction

The Dominion Cycle

Halloween 2020

The Temptations Cycle

Heroes of Legend

The Battle of Cherry Blossom Snow

Aconyte Books

The stories continue with this fantastic line of books by Aconyte Books. Even as the FFG LCG is slowing down, Aconyte are ramping up with 3 full novels already in print and a 4th already announced. They’ve managed to get well established authors with dozens of books under their belts to write fiction in set in Rokugan.

The Roleplaying Game

If you’ve got this far you’re up to date on the story. You can discover more info on the background with the Roleplaying game. This is backed full of lore and info. Check out the Edge Studio website for more info.

The Last Province Podcast

For even deeper discussion on the background we recommend checking out the Last Province Podcast where they go into great detail with hours long discussion focused on such topics as Shugenja, Swords, Ninja, and Roads.

The Facebook Group

If you’d like to reach out to other fans about the game consider checking the L5R RPG Facebook Group.

If you have any comments or feedback please post them in the comments section below. Check us out on the Imperial Advisor websitepodcast, and YouTube channel for more discussion about the L5R LCG.