Meta Check – New England L5R 2020

Meta Check – New England L5R 2020

Last week was the New England 2020 Prime Championship at Black Moon Games. Possibly the most important tournament this year, definitely in the top 5. It’s the first big tournament with the new cards from the Dominion cycle and manages to sneak in before the upcoming restricted list.

Unfortunately, coverage of the event hasn’t been great. So I’ve had to reconstruct it from individual reports for the Facebook group, but I’m at least 90% sure this is all accurate.

The event had good attendance with a total of 30 players in total. As expected, there were an impressive amount of Crane players with their new province reveal trick, but we also saw an impressive number of Unicorn and Dragon no doubt trying out some of their own new toys. At the end of the swiss the cut had the top 10 players who formed a top cut. Crane maintained a good showing, but Scorpion players also came through with both of the players in attendance making the cut.

I think it’s pretty clear from the results of this event, that the Scorpion are out of control again. It’s notable that Mark actually conceded every game he played, but the dark power of the cards in his deck corrupted the hearts of his opponents and blinded them so they were unable to continue in the tournament.

To help deal with this Scorpion menace there are a few approaches we can take. First, we need to determine what clans the Scorpion were splashing and restrict more of the cards from that clan. Erik was splashing a classic Dragon splash, so a few more Dragon cards should get banned or restricted. We don’t have the deck lists, so if Tyler could randomly select some Dragon cards that would be perfect. Mark was splashing, checks notes, Spider, so… yeah.

Looking at the matchups here, we can see that the Crab and Scorpion have good matchups in the handful of games they played against Scorpion. We immediately need to see more power cards for the Lion and Crab decks. This is literally the only way we can stop the Scorpion!

More importantly, a good time was had by all, and I think we’re all looking forward to the next event!

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