L5R Honoured Event

L5R Honoured Event

Over the weekend London hosted the L5R Honored event. This was an invite only event similar to the Kiku Matsuri event. There were 100 competitors along with guests who came to spectate. At the end of the event, we had 3 more Hatamoto’s who were undefeated at the end of the five rounds.

During the games, Andy from Imperial Advisor and Jack from Sake House Brawl commentated on the feature matches. This was live streamed by Asmodee games on Twitch, but for those interested in checking it after the event the stream wasn’t automatically saved. Luckily there was a local save and the team at Dark Sphere games in London just uploaded the stream onto their YouTube channel.

This is highly recommended viewing. The organisers made sure each clan featured at least once and Andy and Jack are highly entertaining to listen to during the games. They also got interviews with attendees and spent some time talking about the new game and the learning curve needed to get up to speed.




Banzai!s and Hatamoto’s introduced


Round 1.

Hatamoto Eoin Burke (Crab) versus Terry Reeves (Phoenix) followed by an interview with the winner.

Round 2.

Hatamoto Gunnar Traustason (Dragon) versus Alex Jones (Lion) followed by interview with the winner (1:13:00)

Round 3.

Max Odgen (Crab) versus Darren Hazelden (Crane)

Round 4.

James Pigden (Unicorn) versus Robert Haustein (Crab) followed by interview with the winner (1:00:30)

Round 5.

Scott Mence (Scorpion) versus Stefan Rockensub (Crab) with an interview with the new Crane Hatamoto Grégory Miguel Henriques (52:37:00).


At the end of the five rounds, three Samurai stood undefeated.

Three new Hatamoto.

Grégory Miguel Henriques of the Crane Clan


Mike Alexander of the Dragon Clan


Stefan Rocky Of the Crab Clan

Pictures from the Legend of the Five Rings LCG group as posted by Alex Watkins who organised and ran this awesome event! This was a fantastic event and it looks like L5R is going to have a very bright future.


Imperial Advisor’s next twitch stream will be Monday the 11th at 8

Join us on our Twitch stream on Monday the 11th September at 8pm BST, 9pm CEST, 1pm PST. All going well we should have a special guest.



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