Meta Check – PAX 2017

Meta Check – PAX 2017

This weekend PAX, the first Grand Kotei, is in progress. It’s not quite as exciting as Worlds so we’re not giving blow by blow breakdowns, but we are keeping an eye on it. Once we do get some decklists in a week or two, these will be added to this post.

This wasn’t the full list as there were a few players on the list we saw where the clans weren’t listed. This was also a manual count so it could contain mistakes. There was a total of 219 players overall.

At the end of day 1 after 7 rounds, any players with 53 points or better got to go ahead. There were 12 players in total with that record. The next top 2 of each clan will also go ahead into the next day. Those 26 players will have a single elimination ‘challenger’ round to cut down to 16, based on the swiss the 10 lowest players will play the next 10 lowest players. The top 6 players won’t have to play that first game: 1 Crab, 1 Crane, 1 Dragon, 1 Lion, 2 Scorpion.

Looking at the qualification rates, Scorpion are the clan to be.

Other details of note. The third pack of the Imperial cycle is apparently on sale, so people have been sharing images of the new cards. The new seals have been revealed, all of them are 0 cost attachments that give the faction icon, +1 military or political, and a trait that is relevant to the faction.

Single Elimination rounds from day 2
Congrats to Stephen Didion!

Below is Stephen’s decklist, if you check out his post on fiveringsdb he goes into a little more detail.

Zachary Devines top 4 Scorpion decklist here


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