Meta Check – Irish Kotei

Meta Check – Irish Kotei

This weekend we have the Irish Kotei in Cork at Warpcon. This is the second Kotei with the full Imperial cycle and at around 200 people in attendance is the biggest yet, although the Paris Grand Kotei is sure to blow past that number. This is home turf for many of us on Imperial Advisor and we’re all going to be in attendance either playing or staffing. Updates will be added as the Kotei progresses.

Day 1 – Saturday

Attendance numbers

Not what anyone expected. We might have expected Scorpion and Dragon to be the most represented. Instead Crab are followed by Phoenix. The players who aren’t faction locked might see Crab as a potential spoiler to the Dragon Scorpion decks that are commonly expected to do well.

At the end of day 1 we had 12 people qualifying for the top round and another 7 clan challengers. The breakdown of the 12 that qualified before challengers are included is below.

Dragon have a decent qualification rate at 8% while Scorpion have a massive 12%. The shock here is that Phoenix did so well. Even with their high numbers 4 qualified before challengers were added. That leaves them equal on qualification % with Scorpion. Speculation is that they did well because of the high number of Crab players in the field who are particularly vulnerable to Haughty Magistrate.

Day 2 – Sunday

Brackets for the day 2 are up here updated by the TOs, this includes the challenger round. I’ve opted for a more visual top 16 color coded by clan below.
As the rounds progressed, the board became more and more red, presumably with the blood of Samurai who suffered A Fate Worse Than Death.
At the end of the battle, the winner of the Irish Kotei was Matt Light playing Scorpion.

Decklists for the day 2 qualifiers
Position Name Faction
Winner Matt Light Scorpion
Top 2 Piotr Romanowski Scorpion
Top 4 Josselin de Carvalho Dragon
Top 4 Jeremie Tiano Scorpion
Top 8 Eugenio Camalich Phoenix
Top 8 Ben Fox Dragon
Top 8 Ken Curran Crane
Top 8 Jose Luis Saenz Phoenix
Top 16 Dimitris Melissinos Scorpion
Top 16 Alain Laugier Crane
Top 16 Josfred Poinsot Crab
Top 16 Jack Mitchell-Burns Lion
Top 16 Pierre le Masson Crab
Top 16 Dave Russell Lion
Top 16 Terry Reeves Phoenix
Top 16 Even Sorgjerd Phoenix
Challenger Nicolas Passemard Phoenix
Challenger Darren Davis Unicorn
Challenger Kieran Waters Dragon
Note: There is no order within the brackets, so Dimitris’ top 16 deck isn’t ahead of the others for any particular reason. If there are any typos or mistakes please let me know, those will be errors I made not the players. If any of the above players publish their own decklists with commentary, tell me and we’ll link to that instead. More updates to come as we get them.

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14 Replies to “Meta Check – Irish Kotei”

    1. I appreciate the positive reinforcement 🙂
      It was pretty awesome having lots of people come up at the Irish Kotei to say they enjoy the content. My only regret is I didn’t have time to chat more with people as there were so many things to do!

  1. You continue to provide an invaluable service to the community with these comprehensive and beautiful summaries. Fantastic work, dude.

  2. Congratulations on the work you are doing with Imperial Advisor. Every week, consult your page. It is a good reference for new agents as for veterans. Greetings from Barcelona.

  3. Just encourage you to do such a fantastic work. The information you give us is important for the community and the local players, thanks a lot.

  4. Hi. Thanks for the article. Just a mistake in my deck (Dragon-Josselin): it is the Hiruma skirmisher, not ambusher ; )

    1. That makes a lot more sense. List updated. Congrats on your performance! Any tips on how to play Dragon? I also see a few interesting choices where you’ve diverged from the classic Kingsley deck, how did those changes work out?

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