Meta Check – Paris Grand Kotei

Meta Check – Paris Grand Kotei

The Paris Grand Kotei is in progress as we speak. Updates are being posted on the Facebook L5R group and on Discord. There are also streams running in both French and English. We’ve provided a summary below.

Day 1A – Friday

135 players for day 1.

French stream:

English re-stream:

Alex Watkins is keeping the listings and pairings up on a google doc.

Current reports say the following qualified for day 2 with another 7 (1 for each clan) of challengers.


Rank First name Last name Total points Faction  
1 Vincent Lafarge 70 Dragon Hatamoto
2 Filippo Mengoli 62 Dragon
3 Remi Carbonne 61 Crane Hatamoto
4 Joris Masson 61 Dragon
5 Jean Cochard 61 Lion Hatamoto
6 Tarek Alatrach 61 Phoenix Hatamoto
7 Alessandro Aplicella 61 Crane
8 Miguel Diaz Sequedo 61 Crane
9 Julien Georget 56 Crane
10 *Phoenix Hatamoto* JB Laroche 52 Phoenix Challenger
11 Min Tam Thai 52 Scorpion Hatamoto & Challenger
13 Inaki Izarra 52 Crane Challenger
15 Maxime Dubosc 52 Lion Challenger
18 Orian Gissler 52 Crab Hatamoto & Challenger
29 Cyril Rols 48 Dragon Challenger
39 Andre Rinn 43 Unicorn Hatamoto & Challenger


Some notable points. The top 4 has 3 Dragon, but the 4th Dragon was in 29th place. Why the big drop?

The top Scorpion was in 11th place getting in as the challenger.

Crane did remarkably well!

Day 1B – Saturday

French stream:

English re-stream: (one of my favorite streamers). Check it out after the fact on YouTube  L5R Paris Grand Kotei English Stream

243 players for today’s qualifiers, that brings the tournament to a total of 378.

Alex Watkin’s is keeping a google doc updated again.

Results are totally different to Fridays and the Scorpion powerhouse is once again evident.

Rank First name Last name Total points Faction
1 Jakub Irzyk 70 Scorpion Hatamoto
2 Simon Pietri 66 Crane Hatamoto
3 Robert Haustein 61 Crab Hatamoto
4 Erik Baalhuis 61 Crane
5 Marcos Yerga 61 Scorpion
6 Tamas Szabo 61 Scorpion
7 Philipp Rover 61 Scorpion
8 Nicolas Vaurette 61 Phoenix Hatamoto
9 Francisco Javier Benitez Somolinos 61 Scorpion
10 Pierre *Hatamoto* Le Masson 61 Crab
11 Owen Nicholson 61 Scorpion
12 Josselin *Dragon Hatamoto* De Carvalho 61 Dragon
DOUBLE Hatamoto
13 Tassos Pap 61 Dragon
14 Brian Mulcahy 60 Scorpion
15 Paul Flament 57 Crab
16 Constantine Christakis 52 Scorpion Challenger
17 Alain Laugier 52 Crane Challenger
19 Milosz Slepowronski 52 Crab Challenger
21 Daniel Knauss 52 Dragon Challenger
22 Alexandre Baylot 52 Phoenix Challenger
36 Sebastien Francomme 52 Lion
Hatamoto & Challenger
44 Romain Verdier 52 Unicorn
Hatamoto & Challenger

Alex, that hero that he is, has already posted the pairings for tomorrow. We can expect these to be updated as the games go on.

Adding up both days and adding in the challengers, this is what the start of day 2 is going to look like.

Scorpion look like they’re in a strong position with Crane and Dragon at their heels. As day 1 has shown us anything could happen, so Sunday will make for some exciting games.

Day 2 – Sunday

The bracket continues to be updated. So check out the pairings as the games go on.

The streams are still active

We have a winner! Scorpion played by Jakub Irzyk wins the Paris Grand Kotei beating Pierre le Masson playing Crab in the final.

Winning Deck

Second place

Top 4

Top 8

Top 16

Top 32

Top 38

Thanks to Jakub for doing the legwork for the top 32 and top 38.


If you have any comments or feedback please post them in the comments section below. Join us on our Twitch stream every second Monday at 8pm BST, 9pm CEST, 1pm PST.

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17 Replies to “Meta Check – Paris Grand Kotei”

  1. Are player limited to a single qualifier? Is it possible to be one of the 135 on Friday, and then one of the 243 on Saturday?

    1. Not currently planned. In theory, it is all there in the google docs as we can see the pairings and based on the later standings it should be possible to work out who won each match. I’m not sure how to easily do that and right now I’m not planning to do it the hard way! If anyone can think of an easy way shout!

    2. Something did come to mind! I now have a list of most of the games which probably is accurate. I’ll work on the %s over the next few days.

  2. Hi,
    does anyone know what the Hatamoto means in the last column? Did those guys become Hatamoto at this tournament? Because if yes, there were two unicorn guys who managed to get the wins? o.O Would be impressive.

    1. Yeah, the last column shows players who earned Hatamoto at the tournament. The top Unicorn of each qualifier day was always guaranteed to get Hatamoto. That said, 39th and 44th place is actually really good.

      1. Yes it is! I am supprised they ranked so high (playing uni myself). But what I ment was: don’t you Need to Play 5:0 or something to get Hatamoto? Were ther 40 5:0s in the tournament? o.O

        1. In the gencon release tournament you got Hatamoto if you were undefeated after 5 (I think) rounds. For the Koteis and later tournaments if you are top of clan after the Swiss you get Hatamoto and if you make it to the final and did not already get Hatamoto during the tournament you get Hatamoto status. As Grand Koteis have two days of qualifiers you end up with 2 Hatamoto for each clan.

  3. I was playing Phenix on day 1b. I am surprised we were so many : I never had a mirror match.
    Thank you for the stats.
    I did not go very far : the 4 games I played were my games #6-10 in total. 🙂

  4. Its interesting how in t top any scorp crane match? would be possible stadistics about tis matchup in swiss?

    1. As a spoiler for the next post in progress, Crane had an overall 45% win rate against Scorpion. It is notable however that the Crane that did make the final day did not lose a game against Scorpion. They only faced Scorpion once and beat it on that occasion.

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