Meta Check – Warsaw Kotei

Meta Check – Warsaw Kotei

Okay, I’m a little late on this. We didn’t have a stream, the tournament was under 100 people, and it was the last tournament in the pre-disciples tournament. I’ve also yet to see decklists for it. So I didn’t think it was that important.

After discussing with some of the players at Düsseldorf however, I’m going back to make sure I have the info for Warsaw. The reason is: Poland is dominating Europe right now. Out of the 5 major events Madrid, Cork, Paris, Warsaw, and Düsseldorf; Polish players have come second at Cork, won Paris, won Warsaw, and won Düsseldorf. So maybe we should go back to see what happened in Warsaw.


The games were saved on Lotus Pavilion and the qualifiers for day 2 are below.

Note – Names were shortened on Lotus Pavilion. I’m assuming they match names from other tournaments and I’m expanding them out based on that.

Position Name Faction
Winner Jakub Irzyk Scorpion
Top 2 Piotr Romanowski Scorpion
Top 4 Adam Hor. Crane
Top 4 Igor Treskunov Dragon
Top 8 Metatron Crab
Top 8 Alain Laugier Crane
Top 8 Jnq Scorpion
Top 8 Michael Ver. Crab
Top 16 Marios Bounakis Lion
Top 16 Oskar Kap Lion
Top 16 Daniel Nica. Phoenix
Top 16 Konstantinos Kris Lion
Top 16 Filip Pud Dragon
Top 16 Artur Dzia. Unicorn
We don’t have many decklists, but make note of those names above as we’ve seen them feature in other major European tournaments.

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  1. Bad, thanks for this. I appreciate the efforts you make to give us data on what is happening in Europe. Fair play to you – keep it up !

    1. Hey Igor,
      Thanks for providing the link and congrats on the great result!
      I always enjoying seeing successful Dragon decklists 🙂


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