Meta Check – Atlanta

Meta Check – Atlanta

Downtown Atlanta skyline at dusk

This is one of two events happening this weekend. At last, the Kotei season is kicking off in America and we have a chance to see what the meta is currently like over there. These will be the last two events before the restricted list, so it’ll be our last chance to judge the post-disciples pre-restricted list environment.

Day 1

Atlanta started off with a proving grounds on Friday. That event had 42 players with Joseph Salco playing Phoenix going undefeated at the end of the 6 rounds.

For the main event, we have 60 players with a decent spread across all the clans.

Atlanta Kotei Attendance

At the end of the swiss, there were 5 who made the cut and 7 challengers for a total of 12 players going into day 2.

Atlanta Kotei Qualifiers
Atlanta Kotei Qualification Rates

Those 12 players going into day 2 are:

  • 1. Hayes Hunter – Lion
  • 2. Joseph Scalco – Phoenix
  • 3. Steve Palumbo – Scorpion
  • 4. Anthony Anselmo – Scorpion
  • 5. Emran Omar – Dragon
  • 6. Cameron McKenzie – Dragon
  • 7. Daniel Schroder – Crab
  • 8. Carl Meisner – Phoenix
  • 9. Brandon Lane – Scorpion
  • 12. Chris Black – Lion
  • 18. Kyle Wislocky – Crane
  • 29. Mychal Edwards – Unicorn



Day 2

We have a Scorpion winner! Congrats to Steve Palumbo.

Position Name Faction
Winner Steve Palumbo Scorpion
Top 2 Emran Omar Dragon
Top 4 Daniel Schroder Crab
Top 4 Hayes Hunter Lion
Top 8 Joseph Scalco Phoenix
Top 8 Anthony Anselmo Scorpion
Top 8 Brandon Lane Scorpion
Top 8 Cameron McKenzie Dragon
Top 16 Kyle Wislocky Crane
Top 16 Mychal Edwards Unicorn
Top 16 Carl Meisner Phoenix
Top 16 Chris Black Lion
Now quickly over to the San Francisco tournament to see how that goes.
Hopefully, we will start seeing decklists for Atlanta. If you see any, please comment and I’ll link them above.

If you have any comments or feedback please post them in the comments section below. Join us on our Twitch stream every second Monday at 8pm BST, 9pm CEST, 1pm PST.

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13 Replies to “Meta Check – Atlanta”

  1. Here is my (Daniel Schroder, top 4 Crab) decklist:

    stronghold (1)
    1x Shiro Nishiyama
    role (1)
    1x Keeper of Earth
    province (5)
    1x Defend the Wall
    1x Manicured Garden
    1x Meditations on the Tao
    1x Rally to the Cause
    1x Shameful Display
    dynasty character (32)
    3x Borderlands Defender
    3x Hida Guardian
    3x Hida Kisada
    1x Hiruma Yōjimbō
    1x Intimidating Hida
    3x Kaiu Envoy
    3x Kaiu Shuichi
    3x Keeper Initiate
    3x Shrewd Yasuki
    2x Steadfast Witch Hunter
    2x Stoic Magistrate
    3x Vanguard Warrior
    2x Hida Amoro
    holding (8)
    1x Favorable Ground
    2x Imperial Storehouse
    3x Iron Mine
    1x Karada District
    1x The Imperial Palace
    conflict character (4)
    2x Hiruma Ambusher
    2x Hiruma Skirmisher
    attachment (15)
    2x Fine Katana
    2x Finger of Jade
    3x Reprieve
    3x Spyglass
    2x Talisman of the Sun
    2x Watch Commander
    1x Ornate Fan
    event (21)
    2x Assassination
    2x Banzai!
    2x Censure
    3x Charge!
    2x Court Games
    3x Gaijin Customs
    2x Rebuild
    3x The Mountain Does Not Fall
    2x Way of the Crab

    1. My bad, that should be 1x Hida Amoro and 2x Intimidating Hida. Everything else is correct.

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