Meta Check – Gencon 2018

Meta Check – Gencon 2018

Gencon 2018 is under way, along with all the general gaming and fun they are running a Grand Kotei.

Wednesday – FFG inflight report

The inflight report for FFG happened on Wednesday evening. Not much on the L5R front but they did announce a new Emerald Empire book, which is one of the best books out of the old cycle in my opinion. Just like the 4th edition version, it will cover the day to day background, customs, locations, and general practises of Rokugan. In addition to being a fantastic book for the RPG it should give a good idea what it is like to live in that world.

Earlier in the day Privateer Press announced they were doing MiniCrates for L5R. Basically this is a monthly miniature program they do with each miniature a limited release. Theres a bit of history involved here as one of Privateer Presses founders Matt Wilson was heavily involved in the founding of original L5R and the first model being made is Togashi Yokuni who was based on Matts original art work.


Thursday – Qualifiers

Games are in progress. Reports put attendance at 138 players for today but we don’t have a breakdown of clans. Apparently, the Magistrate stage (players who went 2-2 or better) had 12 Crab, 15 Crane, 19 Dragon, 4 Lion, 12 Phoenix, 12 Scorpion, and 5 Unicorn. So that is some idea.So far this is the best info we have:
We can see a number of familiar names in there. Hopefully, we’ll see full standings at the end. Unfortunately, as FFG is back using Tome we’re not going to have easy win rates.

Thursday Qualifiers Attendance

At the end of the day there were 8 players who qualified along with 7 challengers.

Thursday Gencon Qualifers (without challengers)
Thursday Gencon Qualification Rate


  • 1. Nicholas Soto – Phoenix (Hatamoto)
  • 2. Josh Johnson – Scorpion (Hatamoto)
  • 3. Brad Emon – Crane (Hatamoto)
  • 4. Tom Kirchgesner – Lion (Hatamoto)
  • 5. Mike George – Crane
  • 6. Aneil Seetharam – Dragon (Hatamoto)
  • 7. James Balthis – Crane
  • 8. Travis McDaniel – Phoenix


  • 9. Grabriel Caban – Dragon
  • 11. Jeremey Campshure – Crane
  • 14. Christopher NoCamp – Phoenix
  • 15. Joe Habes – Crab  (Hatamoto)
  • 18. Steve Palumbo Scorpion
  • 20. Robert Gustafson – Lion
  • 43. Phil Rodenbeck – Unicorn  (Hatamoto)


Friday – Qualifers

Games have started with a reported attendance of 174 people.

Friday Qualifiers Attendance

At the end of the day 11 players qualified with another 7 as challengers.

Friday Gencon Qualifers (without challengers)
Friday Gencon Qualification Rate


  • 1. William Harrison – Lion (Hatamoto)
  • 2. Lawrence Mottoia – Crab (Hatamoto)
  • 3. Lucas Wu-Fienberg – Crane (Hatamoto)
  • 4. Alex West – Scorpion (Hatamoto)
  • 5. Arash Afghahi – Dragon (Hatamoto)
  • 6. Jasper Mangus – Dragon
  • 7. Max Williams – Crab
  • 8. Travis Cooper – Crane
  • 9. Daniel Schroder – Crab
  • 10. Joel Hjortness – Crane
  • 11. Johnny Shen – Scorpion


  • 12. Greg Nielsen – Crane
  • 13. Jesse Stratton – Scorpion
  • 15. Bradley Thiele – Phoenix (Hatamoto)
  • 17. Ryan Rockett – Lion
  • 19. Matthew Thomson – Dragon
  • 20. Chris Faulkenberry – Unicorn (Hatamoto)
  • 22. Tyler Jones – Crab


Saturday – Finals

Thats a total of 33 people, so the bottom two will need to play to determine who makes it into the top 32 bracket. The bracket will be determined by combining the lists and sorting by their points and then strength of schedule (even though they are from 2 different days). Then you end up with the bracket as normal.

A live bracket can be found here.

Congrats to Aneil on a fine victory!

Position Name Faction
Winner Aneil Seetharam Dragon
Top 2 Travis McDaniel Phoenix
Top 4 William Harrison Lion
Top 4 Mike George Crane
Top 8 Tom Kirchgenser Lion
Top 8 Max Williams Crab
Top 8 Bradley Thiele Phoenix
Top 8 Steve Palumbo Scorpion
Top 16 Travis Cooper Crane
Top 16 Arash Afghahi Dragon
Top 16 Josh Johnson Scorpion
Top 16 Joe Habes Crab
Top 16 Nick Soto Phoenix
Top 16 Matthew Thomson Dragon
Top 16 James Balthis Crane
Top 16 Christopher NeCamp Phoenix


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34 Replies to “Meta Check – Gencon 2018”

  1. day one sheet shows 138, I gave them some input that clan registration was less than 10% on initial input into tome.

    1. I think it’s likely that they had the registered players’ names pre-input and updated the clans as they physically turned up. That would suggested around 10% of people registered never turned up.

      1. The standings sheet for day 1a round 4 had 138, 12 players had clans inputted for them. I have a picture of the bottom of the last sheet that shows 138 slots. It was not until round 5 that they entered clans into tome for the remainer of the cut. I had a chat about it to Steve H and Nate French. Steve brought me over to the OP team on site to have a discussion about it, which was fairly positive and constructive. However they said that day 1b and the daimyo cut would need to remain on tome to allow for their strength of schedule numbers to work, which is a point I happily accepted. Afterwards we discussed the benefits of data collection for events like this, and how the day 1a deployment of tome hindered that, and something like lotus pavilion is essentially free advertisement for their events. All in all the crew was pretty accepting of feedback and reasonably welcoming to get it. All said its all just constructive feedback and no real drama came from it.

        If you want the picture baz I will be happy to send it along in another format.

        1. Interesting! Great to hear there was a positive reception to upgrading their tournament approach. I know from talking to people on the EU side there was a concern that the online format would cause problems if there was a lack of service (on either side) and given the state of Gencon’s service I can definitely see that being a problem there.

          If you could email me the image to I’m super curious. If we add in the extra 15 players we get over the 300 cap that I thought was in place for the event. Ofc we don’t have the clan details so theres no way to redo the %s but w/e.

          I’m gonna update the figures here and on the page, no harm letting Gencon break the 300 cap 🙂

    1. Whoops! Although given Crab’s performance on that day, maybe it’s not far from the truth >< I'll go fix it now, thanks for point it out.

    1. Where it says Hatamoto in the above it just means they were awarded Hatamoto at this event. In this case Travis is already a Hatamoto but didn’t get the extra loot etc. for getting it again this time around. Travis was Hatamoto in the first mini season and in the current season made Hatamoto twice!

    1. Thank you! It’s so hard going back to reading photo’s of Tome printouts after spending so long with Lotus Pavilion. Hopefully FFG will make the switch in time for Worlds.

    1. Holy shit, that was his first Kotei? Making top 32 in such a big tournament and then getting knocked out by the eventual winner is amazing! Doing it first try phenomenal! Good work Greg 😀

      1. Hi there Bazleebub,
        Just got back from PAX Unplugged where I made top 8. Just looking over this old post and saw your kind words.

    1. Apologies for that, fixed now. Congrats on the great performance! Especially since the new Lion deck is so fresh.

    1. They’re slowly coming together. It doubt FFG will release the decklist they’ve collected, so we’re relying on players posting them on one of the deck building websites.

  2. Great coverage – thanks. Got to participate in this one but got rekt.

    Decklist from Travis plzthx? 🙂

    1. FFG told players at the event that it would be about 2 weeks. Normally the company has a break to decompress after Gencon so don’t be surprised if it takes a little longer.

  3. FYI – There were some Gencon but non-L5R related comments which I deleted. No harm in posting them, I just didn’t see the point in leaving them.

    1. Where I’ve marked Hatamoto, I just mean that player achieved Hatamoto at that event. I think I’d go crazy cross-referencing the names at each event otherwise. Congrats on your performance btw, it’s nice to see you getting to play rather than having to run everything 🙂

  4. I was the Crane challenger from Day 1, and my first name is spelled Jeremey. It’s a nonstandard spelling, but I figured I’d let you know.

    1. Apologies for the error, fixed now. Congrats on the great performance. Any ideas why Crane did so well during the swiss but dropped off in the single elims?

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