Children of the Empire Previews

Children of the Empire Previews

FFG was kind enough to gift us with some previews! We talk about them in the video and you can see them below.

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  1. I am probably wrong but you might have misintepreted the Library. If you have no Imperial characters it is not a 1 shot action as it does not discard or switch so you can use it every turn to see what is coming up to organise your dynasty flip. It only moves back into the dynasty when you switch it with an Imp character. That’s allowing you want it to hang around and your opponent does not break it of course and it also means three draws as opposed to four.

    If I used it I would probably use its action outside of the Dynasty phase. The only time you would want to use it Dynasty is when it first flips (and you are running lots of Imp chars AND your other dynasty flips are less than useful). Otherwise I see it more as a helper to decide what to discard and what the incoming cards will be.

    I may be incorrect on this last point so will keep it seperate. Since the full stops seperate the effects it looks like the ‘put back in any order’ is not dependant on the char switch. If so then you could not only see the cards upcoming but also therefore decide what province they are sitting on. So if you wanted an upcoming Imperial Palace on Shameful Display or your clan champion was going to arrive at an already broken province (and you did not want to purchase him/her this turn) then you could adjust appropriately. Or perhaps you really wanted to charge an incoming character but know that if he arrives on an existing province then your opponent had the political strength (and 1st player) to go break it before you could get them out then you could adjust as well. Options perhaps..

    1. You are not wrong, I totally didn’t think of it like that. So it would have use even if you don’t reveal an Imperial character. That could be a pretty amazing effect if only it didn’t tie up an entire province.

      1. It doesn’t make it great just not entirely useless. What was great was your Lion discussion cast. I just built a Crane deck around the concept and Kaezrin (and presumably the other duelists) really make ‘Make an Opening’ and ‘Good Omen’ more viable along with bidding high so thanks for that…

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