Meta Check – Canadian Grand Championship

Meta Check – Canadian Grand Championship

Ontario has the privilege of hosting the first Grand Championship for L5R this weekend! This means a new format and new prizes.

This new series of events is essentially the equivalent of a Nationals, but with a different name to allow America have more than one. They do not award Hatamoto but do have brand new set of promos (see here for the full list). This also means players who are Hatamoto can play another clan and not lose it!

Just one set of the many new promos available at a Grand Championship

The top 4 will get an invite to the next Winter Court. Prizes go to the top x of each clan, so there may be an incentive to play some of the weaker clans as even losing all your games you might get tons of prizes!

This tournament was tracked on Lotus Pavilion allowing us to easily look at the results and pairings and quickly generate charts. Consider supporting Lotus Pavilion at this Patreon page.

Saturday – Day1 has started

A total of 30 players attended. Link is up on LP here.

This event uses a different format to the Kotei level events. So in this case, they played 5 rounds and the top 8 players went into the final cut.

At the end of the day, Matthew Beck brought victory to the Phoenix clan.

Matthew's Winning Phoenix Deck
Bushi Builder

Toronto Grand Championship – First Place
By: Algahra

Kyūden Isawa (Disciples of the Void)
Seeker of Void
Kuroi Mori (Core)
Manicured Garden (Core)
Midnight Revels (Children of the Empire)
Shameful Display (Core)
Upholding Authority (Tainted Lands)

Character (28)
3 Ethereal Dreamer (All and Nothing)
3 Solemn Scholar (Core)
3 Adept of the Waves (Core)
1 Asako Tsuki (Meditations on the Ephemeral)
3 Miya Mystic (Core)
3 Shiba Yōjimbō (Core)
2 Isawa Atsuko (Core)
3 Isawa Ujina (Children of the Empire)
2 Kudaka (Breath of the Kami)
3 Master of Gisei Toshi (Fate Has No Secrets)
2 Prodigy of the Waves (Into the Forbidden City)

Holding (12)
3 Ancestral Shrine (Children of the Empire)
3 Favorable Ground (Core)
3 Forgotten Library (Core)
1 Imperial Storehouse (Core)
1 Kanjo District (Meditations on the Ephemeral)
1 The Imperial Palace (The Chrysanthemum Throne)

Conflict (40)
Attachment (11)
3 Embrace the Void (Tears of Amaterasu)
3 Fine Katana (Core)
2 Ornate Fan (Core)
3 Cloud the Mind (Core)

Character (7)
3 Ancient Master (Breath of the Kami)
2 Shrine Maiden (For Honor and Glory)
2 Isawa Tadaka (Bonds of Blood)

Event (22)
3 Censure (Into the Forbidden City)
3 Court Games (Core)
3 Let Go (Core)
3 Supernatural Storm (Core)
3 Against the Waves (Core)
3 Clarity of Purpose (Disciples of the Void)
2 Display of Power (Core)
2 Consumed by Five Fires (Fate Has No Secrets)

Deck Built using

Erik's - Top 4 - Crane
Bushi Builder

Erick L – Canada GC Top of Clan Quarter Finalist – Duel Crane Pack 2
By: Leniel

Kyūden Kakita (Masters of the Court)
Seeker of Void
Magistrate Station (Elements Unbound)
Pilgrimage (Core)
Rally to the Cause (Core)
Shameful Display (Core)
Upholding Authority (Tainted Lands)

Character (31)
2 Doji Whisperer (Core)
3 Brash Samurai (Core)
2 Daidoji Nerishma (Core)
2 Miya Mystic (Core)
3 Doji Challenger (Core)
3 Kakita Kaezin (Core)
2 Kakita Ryoku (Warriors of the Wind)
2 Asahina Takamori (Masters of the Court)
3 Guest of Honor (Core)
3 Kakita Toshimoko (Children of the Empire)
2 Daidoji Uji (Masters of the Court)
2 Kakita Yoshi (Into the Forbidden City)
2 Tengu Sensei (Elements Unbound)

Holding (9)
2 Esteemed Tea House (For the Empire)
3 Favorable Ground (Core)
3 Kakita Dōjō (Children of the Empire)
1 The Imperial Palace (The Chrysanthemum Throne)

Conflict (41)
Attachment (15)
1 Daimyō’s Gunbai (Masters of the Court)
3 A New Name (Bonds of Blood)
3 Fine Katana (Core)
2 Ornate Fan (Core)
3 Duelist Training (Core)
3 Finger of Jade (Tears of Amaterasu)

Character (5)
3 Ancient Master (Breath of the Kami)
2 Political Rival (Core)

Event (21)
2 Banzai! (Core)
1 Censure (Into the Forbidden City)
2 Court Games (Core)
3 Gossip (Masters of the Court)
3 Let Go (Core)
1 Storied Defeat (Children of the Empire)
1 Try Again Tomorrow (Children of the Empire)
3 Voice of Honor (Core)
3 Way of the Crane (Core)
1 Admit Defeat (Core)
1 Noble Sacrifice (Core)

Deck Built using

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