Meta Check – LVO GC

Meta Check – LVO GC

Over the last few months we’ve had a massive shakeup in the environment, with lots of new cards coming, roles being opened, and a new banned and restricted list.

Although relatively small at 34 players, the Las Vegas Open Grand Championship does give an interesting look into the new meta. Ahead of this a lot of noise was being made about 3 decks, the Those who serve Crab deck, and the two tower decks of Lion and Unicorn.

The top 4 had 2 Lion, a Phoenix, and a Crab with the finals Lion versus Crab. Some speculated that the Unicorn version of the deck had the edge as their original strongholds movement ability works very well with the Fan of Command straighten effect but in this event at least it seems Lion got ahead.


Winning Deck - Dan Mui - Lion
LVO GC Winner: Handsome Mori Toreadory – LSU National Champs Edition
By: Handsome Dan

Kyūden Ikoma (The Emperor’s Legion)
Keeper of Void
Illustrious Forge (Children of the Empire)
Manicured Garden (Core)
Midnight Revels (Children of the Empire)
Shameful Display (Core)
Upholding Authority (Tainted Lands)

Character (34)
3 Ashigaru Levy (The Emperor’s Legion)
3 Matsu Berserker (Core)
3 Keeper Initiate (Core)
3 Miya Mystic (Core)
3 Samurai of Integrity (The Emperor’s Legion)
3 Akodo Zentarō (For the Empire)
3 Ichirō (Seekers of Wisdom)
2 Implacable Magistrate (The Chrysanthemum Throne)
3 Kitsu Motso (The Emperor’s Legion)
3 Lion’s Pride Brawler (Core)
3 Matsu Agetoki (Defenders of Rokugan)
2 Akodo Kaede (Bonds of Blood)

Holding (6)
3 Favorable Ground (Core)
3 Imperial Storehouse (Core)

Conflict (40)
Attachment (22)
2 Fine Katana (Core)
2 Sharpen the Mind (Justice for Satsume)
3 Tactical Ingenuity (The Emperor’s Legion)
3 Fan of Command (A Champion’s Foresight)
3 Favored Mount (Core)
3 Finger of Jade (Tears of Amaterasu)
3 Spyglass (Core)
1 Talisman of the Sun (Meditations on the Ephemeral)
1 Adorned Barcha (For the Empire)
1 Blade of 10,000 Battles (For the Empire)

Character (3)
1 Ikoma Reservist (Tainted Lands)
2 Slovenly Scavenger (Defenders of Rokugan)

Event (15)
2 Banzai! (Core)
3 Defend Your Honor (Children of the Empire)
3 In Service to My Lord (Shoju’s Duty)
3 Way of the Lion (Core)
1 Fallen in Battle (Core)
1 For Greater Glory (Core)
2 Prepare for War (The Emperor’s Legion)

Deck Built using

Finalist - Jared Wright - Crab
Crabbits – Copy of Test
By: MoZi (Jared Wright)

Kyūden Hida (Defenders of Rokugan)
Keeper of Earth
Defend the Wall (Core)
Kuni Wasteland (Defenders of Rokugan)
Manicured Garden (Core)
Midnight Revels (Children of the Empire)
Shameful Display (Core)

Character (32)
3 Gallant Quartermaster (Shoju’s Duty)
3 Hida Guardian (Core)
3 Kaiu Envoy (Core)
1 Hida Sukune (Defenders of Rokugan)
3 Keeper Initiate (Core)
3 Miya Mystic (Core)
3 Shrewd Yasuki (Core)
3 Student of Anatomies (The Children of Heaven)
3 Vanguard Warrior (Core)
3 Unyielding Sensei (Defenders of Rokugan)
2 Steadfast Witch Hunter (Core)
2 Yasuki Broker (Elements Unbound)

Holding (8)
3 Funeral Pyre (Core)
1 Iron Mine (Meditations on the Ephemeral)
1 Kaiu Forges (Defenders of Rokugan)
3 Kuni Laboratory (All and Nothing)

Conflict (40)
Attachment (9)
3 Fine Katana (Core)
3 Ornate Fan (Core)
3 Elegant Tessen (Seekers of Wisdom)

Character (8)
3 Hiruma Skirmisher (Into the Forbidden City)
2 Slovenly Scavenger (Defenders of Rokugan)
2 Tattooed Wanderer (Core)
1 Togashi Kazue (Core)

Event (23)
1 Assassination (Core)
3 Banzai! (Core)
1 Censure (Into the Forbidden City)
3 Court Games (Core)
3 Defend Your Honor (Children of the Empire)
3 Let Go (Core)
3 Rebuild (Core)
3 Those Who Serve (The Emperor’s Legion)
3 Way of the Crab (Core)

Deck Built using

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