Meta Check – Netherlands GC

Meta Check – Netherlands GC

The Grand Championship at the Het Lab is the first European tournament of the year and makes for a nice comparison to the US events in this new meta.

The top cut can be seen here, it ended up with 2 Scorpion and 2 Crane in the top 4 and a Scorpion versus Crane final with Kelfecil taking the win for Scorpion in the end.

Kelfecil's Winning Scorpion Deck

The Garden’s Shadows
By: Kelfecil

City of the Open Hand (Core)
Keeper of Air
Abandoning Honor (The Fires Within)
Entrenched Position (Core)
Fertile Fields (Core)
Midnight Revels (Children of the Empire)
Temple of the Dragons (Children of the Empire)

Character (34)
3 Alibi Artist (Underhand of the Emperor)
3 Bayushi Liar (Core)
3 Bayushi Manipulator (Core)
3 Blackmail Artist (Core)
3 Keeper Initiate (Core)
3 Loyal Challenger (Children of the Empire)
3 Seppun Truthseeker (Underhand of the Emperor)
2 Shameless Gossip (For the Empire)
3 Soshi Illusionist (Core)
3 Young Rumormonger (Core)
3 Fawning Diplomat (The Chrysanthemum Throne)
2 Righteous Magistrate (Children of the Empire)

Holding (6)
3 City of Lies (Core)
3 Imperial Storehouse (Core)

Conflict (40)
Character (5)
2 Goblin Sneak (Tears of Amaterasu)
2 Seeker of Knowledge (Core)
1 Shosuro Miyako (Justice for Satsume)

Event (35)
2 Assassination (Core)
3 Backhanded Compliment (The Chrysanthemum Throne)
3 Censure (Into the Forbidden City)
3 Court Games (Core)
2 Deceptive Offer (The Ebb and Flow)
1 Duty (Underhand of the Emperor)
3 For Shame! (Core)
3 Forged Edict (Core)
3 Way of the Scorpion (Core)
2 Calling in Favors (Core)
2 Kirei-ko (Children of the Empire)
2 Maze of Illusion (Breath of the Kami)
3 Display of Power (Core)
3 I Can Swim (Core)

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