Meta Check – Good Omen Spain

Meta Check – Good Omen Spain

Today Spain had a casual jigoku event with 25 players in total. The Spanish L5R community is one of the largest and tends to be one of the more competitive ones.

The event is on Lotus Pavilion.

The winner gets a pie and the remains top 4 get a Spanish omelette!

The clan breakdown bucks expectation slightly with Crab and Phoenix, not necessarily considered top clans the most represented and one of the potential favourites Lion at the lease represented.

After 4 rounds, they cut to a 3-1 or better score leaving 7 players for the top bracket.

This tournament was tracked on Lotus Pavilion allowing us to easily look at the results and pairings and quickly generate charts. Consider supporting Lotus Pavilion at this Patreon page.



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