Meta Check – LLO 4

Meta Check – LLO 4

Another month of lockdown means another London Legion Online tournament! This month pack 3 is legal, adding to the excitement. Pack 3 was a very spicey pack, so this should be an interesting event.

Right now things are only getting started with the EU event on Lotus Pavilion here and the NA event starting later in the day here.

EU Swiss

Crab and Scorpion obviously feel strong after the recent pack, but Phoenix are even more popular! Some have suggested that this is due to Daigotsu Kaikou’s success with Enlightenment deck at the Spanish event.

The X-1 or better go into tomorrow’s top 16, with the bracket filled from the top of the NA US combined.

Added later, as the EU event was larger they added 4 compared to the US 3.

NA Swiss

The North American side looks very different. Here Crane as the favoured clan with an equal split of Crab, Lion, Phoenix.

Again, the top X-1 go into tomorrow’s top 16 with the remainder of the bracket filled with the top of the EU NA.

Added later

  • sruman#7696 – Crab
  • Ryan Shell “Tancho” – Crane
  • Gwydion Martin – Scorpion (replacing Travis)

This tournament was tracked on Lotus Pavilion allowing us to easily look at the results and pairings and quickly generate charts. Consider supporting Lotus Pavilion at this Patreon page.

Day 2 – Sunday Top 16

The bracket for the final day can be found here.

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