Preview – Breaking In

Preview – Breaking In

Today we have a preview from the next pack Campaigns of Conquest! If you’re sharing the images, please share the full image above and tell people to check out Imperial Advisor!

This Unicorn Void province seems to be a great way of getting the right character when you want it. It’s very similar to Emperor’s Summons which doesn’t see a lot of play. As it’s focused on Cavalry it works well with Join the Fray. Unless you have some way of getting that Cavalry character out, the province is not going to help defend itself beyond the 5 province strength. Dynasty search has certainly been a focus of this cycle so far. As it places the character into the province face-up you’re not able to trigger Rally with it. Interestingly, you can place the fetched character onto your stronghold province, keeping them safe for when you’re ready to make them. It seems like a decent option for Unicorn, they might not regularly play it due to the strength of other Void provinces but it’s certainly good enough to be a consideration.

What do you think?

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