Meta Check – LLO 9

Meta Check – LLO 9


October’s LLO has started!


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4 Replies to “Meta Check – LLO 9”

  1. WOW… What a fun & fabulous meta to play in!!! Its a shame that a great & powerful game like this is abused in this way… I’m definitely old enough to put up with the whims of a company that doesn’t know or doesn’t want to balance the things it sells so that everyone has the same chances of winning a game or, at least, take fun playing one. Maybe I doesn’t understand the artist behind all of this or I’m not able to see the big picture… Like I say, its a shame

    1. Yeah, the results from this event were definitely of concern. It certainly could be the case that this was the ‘new hotness’ and isn’t actually reflective of the state of the game, but the players in these events seem to know what they’re doing. From the event’s discord chat, I get the impression that they’re going to wait on a new ban & restricted list before the next event. With the Dominion cycle coming to a close, I’ve definitely got some concerns myself with the direction Tyler has taken. Much of the design philosophy seems to be taken from Magic (single cycle themes, hits and haymakers, meta-game pressure cards) and I just don’t feel it works for L5R.

      1. That “magic design philosophy” banned 3 cards in Standard last week because the Wizards department of playtesting (six or seven guys who are dedicated to playing with the cards of the expansions that have not yet seen the light) screwed up with a card in the last expansion, and more adventures I not mention here… If that is the spirit… We came from a RL last month, and now, we have to wait patiently the next because the dishonor now is OP, but the truth is that it is a bad that they do not know how to solve, because is intrinsic to the system.

        1. Well this says nothing…. 19 players in two different ladders. 6 scorpions. There is 2x BYE probably because crane (that did not lose single game) and probably unicorn thet qualified did not show up. So two scorpions got in next round free. Two played mirror and only one played favorable matchup into phoenix. Zero suprise that scorpion won when opponent either did not show up or was another scorpion.

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