Gencon Updates – Day 2

Gencon Updates – Day 2

We have some updates from the second day of Gencon!

As we mentioned yesterday, FFG has posted the story results from the Thursday tournament.

Friday’s tournament had 220 players playing 7 rounds to cut to the top 32.

The breakdown of players in the tournament was as follows

  • Scorpion: 44
  • Dragon: 41
  • Unicorn: 31
  • Crab: 30
  • Crane: 30
  • Phoenix: 27
  • Lion: 17

At the end of the swiss, Lion won most honorable and received metal honor tokens.

The top 2 of each clan were awarded Hatamoto. The top player of each clan got to pick the role their clan will play until Winter Court. In selected order this was:

  • Scorpion: Air Seeker
  • Phoenix: Void Seeker
  • Dragon: Void Keeper
  • Lion: Earth Keeper
  • Crab: Air Keeper
  • Crane: Water Keeper
  • Unicorn: Fire Keeper

During the launch events, clans are not bound to this. The game is being released October 5th, and the next tournament this will apply to is the Winter Court on the first weekend in November. At Winter Court, a new set will be selected.

The top 32 will make the cut to the next day (Saturday).

There are 7 Scorpion, 5 Phoenix, 5 Lion, 5 Crab, 4 Dragon, 4 Crane, and 2 Unicorn.

Of those, 8 were awarded the Hatamoto title: 2 new Scorpion Hatamoto, 1 new Phoenix Hatamoto, 1 new Crab Hatamoto, 2 new Crane Hatamoto, and 2 new Unicorn Hatamoto. Congrats to everyone who made it and commiserations to those who missed it. At 7 rounds it looked like a real endurance tournament, and just finishing should be considered a victory.



Trevor Cuba‎ shared the updated tie-breaker rules for this event, this appears to be the standard that will be used going forward.

Sharp eyes have noticed that the wording in this suggests the random decision at the start of the game is who decides who goes first, but the rules reference currently suggest you randomly decide who goes first. A subtle but important distinction, especially as some players have found the extra fate for going second is preferable.


Team Covenant’s coverage of the Legend of the Five Rings LCG Design panel!

Some interesting insight into the development of the game, but no real surprises.


Team Covenant’s coverage of the FFG in-flight update.

For L5R there is a mention and a video is played, but it is all stuff we already know.

Part 1

Part 2


There should be a stream by Hatamoto Dodgepong today, so check it out.

Team Covenant have also said they’ll look to do record at least the finals. If they keep the production standards and commentary they have for other games this will be one to watch. Keep an eye on the twitter to see when they are broadcasting.

It is going to be an exciting day!



4 Replies to “Gencon Updates – Day 2”

  1. Good catch!
    I think this might be the number of players remaining at the end of round 7.
    I’ll go check and will update to clarify.

  2. Looking at the full final placings that were posted on the L5R Facebook group (Trevor Cuba is a hero), there were only 220 people in the tournament. I think I just liked the 256 number. I’ve updated the above to correct, thanks for pointing it out!

  3. Re: The change in starting. During the competition, apparently this was pointed out and FFG indicated for that tournament the roll was to decide who would choose who went first. Unless FFG noticed any issues with the change during the tournament, and the change is so small it’s unlikely, I would expect FFG to update their rules reference to make the change.

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