Gencon Updates – Day 3

Gencon Updates – Day 3

We have some updates from the third day of Gencon!

Saturday saw the top 32 from the previous day battle until just 1 remained.


Top 4 was Dragon v Crane and Scorpion v Lion.

The final was Scorpion (Crab influence) versus Crane (Scorpion influence). Crane played by Matthew Legare, also known as Reiga on the L5R Discord channel, took victory in the end.

Games were covered by the Kolat Informant and Dodgepong.

For the Finals, Dodgepong managed to get the best view.


This is the end of all the announced L5R content from the con, so it is unlikely we will see any further news from Gencon.

I’m sure we will have tons of content from the podcasts and fans talking about the weekend and breaking it all down

The Jade Throne Podcast has already released an episode from Gencon talking about the early days

The Art of Warcast has been releasing regular clan reviews they recorded before the event. They were involved in the playtest so they already have some good play experience.



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  1. Was the Gen Con event single core? If so, isn’t only 2 keepers allowed per deck. Did the Crane player have 3 copies of keeper in his deck?

    1. I haven’t re-watched it, but I suspect there are only two in the deck and it just looks like there are more because they keep coming back from the discard.

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