Meta Check – Seattle Grand Kotei

Meta Check – Seattle Grand Kotei

The Seattle Grand Kotei, the first Grand Kotei in the US since PAX Unplugged. This is a 1-day Grand Kotei, so the top 2 of each clan will be awarded the Hatamoto title.

Day 1

The tournament has a total of 65 participants. The spread across many of the clans is roughly even, but with a very low turn out for Scorpion who are equally matched by the Unicorn. As with previous US events, there is a discussion to be had about numbers, especially with this as a Grand Kotei. Hopefully, FFG will take note and will work out what is needed to improve things.



At the end of the swiss, there were 5 who made the cut and as it is a Grand Kotei 2 challengers from each clan for a total of 19 players going into day 2.

In addition, the top two players of each clan are awarded Hatamoto status as there is only 1 day 1.

Top players

  • 1. Evan Gibbs-Forrester – Phoenix Hatamoto
  • 2. Alexey Sidonenko – Crab Hatamoto
  • 3. Davis Kingsley – Dragon Hatamoto
  • 4. Marc Payment – Lion Hatamoto
  • 5. Matthew Beck – Phoenix  Hatamoto
  • 6. Kevin Ho –  Scorpion Hatamoto
  • 7. Peter Smigleski – Phoenix Challenger
  • 8. Anthony Edwards – Dragon Hatamoto
  • 9. Jared Wright – Crab Hatamoto
  • 10. Jesse Stratton – Scorpion Hatamoto
  • 11. Joe Huber – Crab Challenger
  • 13. Mykael Dolph – Phoenix Challenger
  • 14. Gregory Smith – Crane Hatamoto
  • 15. Bey Bickerton – Dragon Challenger
  • 19. Eli Toed – Crane Hatamoto
  • 20. Jeff Brasseur – Lion Hatamoto
  • 21. Brett Martinez – Lion Challenger
  • 28. Aaron Frede – Unicorn Hatamoto
  • 38. Paul Torres – Unicorn Hatamoto


Day 2

It looks like the top bracket is going to be as follows with the three missing slots filled by the bottom 6 players playing each other. Games are underway and you can get updates on the Challonge page.


Position Name Faction
Winner Jared Wright Crab
Top 2 Kevin Ho Scorpion
Top 4 Alexey Sidonenko Crab
Top 4 Mykael Dolph Phoenix
Top 8 Jesse Straton Scorpion
Top 8 Evan Gibbs-Forrester Phoenix
Top 8 Davis Kingsley Dragon
Top 8 Marc Payment Lion
Top 16 Jeff Brasseur Lion
Top 16 Anthony Edwards Dragon
Top 16 Gregory Smith Crane
Top 16 Matthew Beck Phoenix
Top 16 Aaron Frede Unicorn
Top 16 Peter Smigleski Phoenix
Top 16 Bey Bickerton Dragon
Top 16 Joe Huber Crab
Challenger Brett Martinez Lion
Challenger Eli Teed Crane
Challenger Paul Torres Unicorn

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5 Replies to “Meta Check – Seattle Grand Kotei”

  1. I saw a lot of old faces from the old game playing clans they thought would not have much participation in order to get a better shot at making the cut.

    1. It is an interesting trend. In the two Dragon wins we can see they both managed to dodge Crab who were knocked out by Scorpion. Both Dragon did manage to win against Scorpion, but from what I understand it’s a pretty tight match.

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