Winter Court 2018 – Hatamoto Challenge

Winter Court 2018 – Hatamoto Challenge

The Thursday before the ‘big’ event had a 96 player tournament with 5 rounds and the undefeated getting the Hatamoto title.

FFG are still using tome, so the only reports we have are images players take of pairings. Using this info, we’ll do our best to keep this Lotus Pavilion version up to date

Note: currently the first 4 rounds of pairings are correct as are table numbers, any modified wins are unknown results, just the 5th round to complete and results need to be worked out based on standings. It’s not really fit for use atm but I should get it straightened out tomorrow.

Looking through the list of players we can see some notable names from all over the community. Although this may be a ‘side-event’ it looks like some serious competition and will give us a decent impression of what the main tournament is going to look like.

Playing gets you tickets and tickets can be traded in for cards. It looks like each win gets you 10 tickets with prizes costing between 10 (Fine Katana or Ornate Fans) to 60 (Acrylic Strongholds). I’d imagine many players are waiting until later in the weekend when the new clan champions are available.

At the end there were 3 undefeated players:

  • Augustine playing Crane
  • Jakub playing Scorpion
  • Aniel playing Dragon

I still have the final few rounds to work out on Lotus Pavilion and for some reason, FFG did not track clans! Hopefully, we’ll be able to work that out based on the players previously played. By time I get around to that we’ll probably have the first day started and a whole new tournament to track!

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