Winter Court 2018 – Day 1A – Friday

Winter Court 2018 – Day 1A – Friday

The first day of qualifiers are ongoing! FFG have provided some interesting charts! This is probably the most competitive tournament we’ve seen yet with a lot of well-known names and about 30% of the field already Hatamoto.

Just a quick update. We’re tracking results on Lotus Pavilion again. First three rounds results up with the fourth rounds pairings. Still need to update the Hatamoto challenge from yesterday!

Updates on the Lotus Pavilion tournament are still ongoing, we currently have the last round paired but no results yet. Right now it looks like a strong showing from Scorpion, Phoenix, and Crane. Dragon do have some strong placers but they’re certainly less prevalent than I think we were expecting. Final updates will have to wait until the morning so I can get some sleep!

Right! LP is updated. There are some mistakes in there but they should be relatively minor. Based on that, here we have some win rates from Day1A!

Based on this, it looks like it’s Crane or Phoenix with the edge. Each have good win rates across the board while Phoenix has an edge over Crane and Crane has an edge over Scorpion. Scorpion are looking good apart from their Crane matchup. Dragon have poor Phoenix and Crane matchups and Scorpion have a minor (probably non-significant) edge over them. That said, Aneil retains his un-beaten record and continues to buck the trend with Dragon. Let’s hope he never tries playing another clan.

To qualify for day 2 you need at least a 4-2 qualification. Currently, there are 3 Crab, 8 Crane, 4 Dragon, 1 Lion, 5 Phoenix, 7 Scorpion, 2 Unicorn and 1 unknown. Anyone know what clan Elliott Dawson is? Ninja?

Players with 4-2 or better
Percentage rate of qualifying
Aneil with his prize for being undefeated. 

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7 Replies to “Winter Court 2018 – Day 1A – Friday”

  1. I played Elliott Dawson round 4. He was core set lion in day 1A.

    For the hatamoto challenge, please update Jason Wallace as follows:
    – I played Union HMT with keeper of fire
    – Round 1 was a full win vs Evan
    – Round 3 was a regular loss and not modified. I can’t remember who I played but it was crab.
    – Round 5 was a full loss for me and full win for Andreas.

    1. Thank you! Updates made. My updates of the Hatamoto event on LP is a cluster atm. I’ll need some time to unpick it all based on the screens people have shared.

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