Winter Court 2018 – Day1B – Saturday

Winter Court 2018 – Day1B – Saturday

Based on the first day we can expect Day 2 to be a grinder with some really amazing players struggling to make the cut in a terrifying field.

Once again we’re going to be updating a Lotus Pavilion listing to try keep track of all the games. Obviously, this is going to be a manual affair so mistakes will creep in but hopefully, it will mostly be correct.

Round four has been completed and at last we have a clan breakdown.

Round 5 is now under way.

Games in Progress

Some plots from FFG on twitter. Despite Hawk Tattoo getting its nerf, Dragon are still the number one splash. Crab come a close second presumably because that’s the splash the Dragon players pick!

I’ve finished updating the LP page, but I should caution that as I’m guessing results based on the next pairing there are errors in there. ¬†Nonetheless…

So this is a big divergence from the day before. Dragon, Scorpion, and Crane are all still doing well but Phoenix has suffered. Crab turned it around to have a better than 50% in every pairing and with their low attendance had an amazing qualification rate. This is likely due to a few dedicated players such as Pablo who have stuck with Crab all along.

We still have a bundle of questions that are unanswered about the final day on Sunday. Is 4 wins enough or does it have to be 42 points? The website says 4-2 but people on the floor are saying 42 points. Do challengers advance? In which case we would have an extra 7 from each clan (note that the LP ranks players differently from the printouts FFG had so it cannot be used to work out these players). Is there a swiss at the start of the final day? The FFG website suggests there is but players at the tournament are saying it goes straight into elimination rounds.

Tomorrow has an official twitch stream for most of the day and rumor us we will have some podcast commentators so we’ll have some really good commentary with players who know what is going on (Tyler did great on Friday too!).

If you have any comments or feedback please post them in the comments section below. Check us out on the Imperial Advisor website, podcast, and YouTube channel for more discussion about the L5R LCG.

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