Meta Check – Pax Unplugged

Meta Check – Pax Unplugged

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Pax Unplugged was the first Kotei and Grand Kotei of the new Kunshu season. 

The event was run on Best Coast Pairings but was cross-posted to Lotus Pavilion. It looks like Cascade are going to be using BCP going forward so if you’re heading to a US event get registered on their app. Total attendance of 65 people which as disappointing considering the 200+ the event had last year. Some have attributed it to the post-hype second year of a LCG, others have pointed to the Friday start, either way I’d have hoped for more.

The event had a significant number of Crane and Scorpion participants which seems a clear consequence of new Hatamoto process. Where before top Lion could play for top Lion, now all they can do is farm koku from losses for the prize wall.

Pax Unplugged 2018 Attendance

The attendance includes 1 Dragon and 1 Scorpion who it seems registered but didn’t play. To qualify you needed 43 points after 6 rounds which essentially is 5 wins. Only 8 made the cut with the next 8 added to make the bracket of 16.

Pax Unplugged 2018 Qualifiers
Pax Unplugged 2018 Qualification Rate

The two Dragon that did qualify were Aneil and Arash with the remainder going 3-3 at best. Crane and Scorpion proved strong choices with over 1 in 3 players of each clan making it to day 2. The Crab and Unicorn players were 14th and 16th making it to day 2 with a 4-2 record. As the event is relatively small and heavily favours Scorpion and Crane who are 47% of the field it isn’t very useful. Of the 26 games with Scorpion versus Crane, Crane won 65%.

The day 2 bracket can be seen on Lotus Pavilion. Max Williams had a great run taking Crab to top 4. In the end, Aniel beat Erik Stenberg with both getting Hatamoto for the new season.

Aneil's Dragon Deck
Mountain’s Anvil Castle
Seeker of Void

Sacred Sanctuary
Upholding Authority
Restoration of Balance

Dynasty (40)
3Doomed Shugenja
3Togashi Initiate
3Togashi Mendicant
3Agasha Swordsmith
3Miya Mystic
3Kitsuki Investigator
3Mirumoto Raitsugu
3Master Alchemist
3Niten Master
3Togashi Mitsu
3Togashi Yokuni
3Favorable Ground
3Imperial Storehouse
1The Imperial Palace

Conflict (40)
3 Fine Katana
2 Ornate Fan
3 Pathfinder’s Blade
3 Seal of the Dragon
1 Ancestral Daishō
3 Cloud the Mind
3 Finger of Jade
3 Reprieve
2 Hiruma Skirmisher
3Tattooed Wanderer
2 Banzai!
3 Court Games
3 Hurricane Punch
3 Let Go
3 Void Fist

Erik's Scorpion Deck

City of the Open Hand
Seeker of Air

Manicured Garden Air
Secret Cache Air
Upholding Authority Earth
Shameful Display Void
Rally to the Cause Water

Dynasty Deck (40)
3x Alibi Artist
3x Bayushi Liar
3x Bayushi Manipulator
2x Bayushi Shoju
3x Favored Niece
3x Ignoble Enforcers
3x Miya Mystic
2x Reclusive Zokujin
3x Sinister Soshi
3x Soshi Illusionist
1x Soshi Shadowshaper
3x Young Rumormonger
3x Favorable Ground
1x Hidden Moon Dojo
3x Imperial Storehouse
1x The Imperial Palace

Conflict Deck (40)
3x A Fate Worse Than Death
3x Assassination
2x Banzai!
2x Calling in Favors
2x Censure
3x Court Games
1x Duty
3x For Shame!
3x Forged Edict
2x Let Go ////
2x Way of the Scorpion
2x Cloud the Mind
2x Mark of Shame
2x Ancient Master //
2x Bayushi Collector
2x Bayushi Kachiko
2x Cunning Magistrate
2x Tattooed Wanderer ////

If you have any comments or feedback please post them in the comments section below. Check us out on the Imperial Advisor website, podcast, and YouTube channel for more discussion about the L5R LCG.

5 Replies to “Meta Check – Pax Unplugged”

  1. One of the biggest contributors to the disappointing attendance was the short notice given by FFG. The announcement for the next Kotei season came out shortly after worlds which gave approximately three weeks to make travel arrangements in between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I know two phoenix Hatamotos who would have loved to play in the main event but couldn’t manage to get the time off.

    1. I would be happy to give you my deck list.

      1 Shizuka Toshi (Core Set)
      1 Seeker of Fire (Core Set)

      Conflict Deck:
      3 Voice of Honor (Core Set)
      3 Court Games (Core Set)
      3 Steward of Law (Core Set)
      2 Assassination (Core Set)
      1 Noble Sacrifice (Core Set)
      3 Policy Debate (For Honor and Glory)
      3 Way of the Crane (Core Set)
      3 For Shame! (Core Set)
      2 Political Rival (Core Set)
      3 Let Go (Core Set)
      2 Tattooed Wanderer (Core Set)
      2 Fine Katana (Core Set)
      2 Ornate Fan (Core Set)
      1 Doji Fumiki (Underhand of the Emperor)
      2 Banzai! (Core Set)
      2 Menacing Iron Warrior (The Ebb and Flow)
      1 Admit Defeat (Core Set)
      2 Censure (Into the Forbidden City)

      Dynasty Deck:
      3 Doji Challenger (Core Set)
      3 Cautious Scout (Core Set)
      3 Doji Whisperer (Core Set)
      3 Kakita Yoshi (Into the Forbidden City)
      3 Brash Samurai (Core Set)
      3 Favorable Ground (Core Set)
      2 Imperial Storehouse (Core Set)
      1 The Imperial Palace (The Chrysanthemum Throne)
      3 Guest of Honor (Core Set)
      2 Savvy Politician (Core Set)
      3 Kakita Asami (Core Set)
      2 Kudaka (Breath of the Kami)
      2 Doji Hotaru (Core Set)
      3 Callow Delegate (All and Nothing)
      2 Daidoji Nerishma (Core Set)
      2 Miya Mystic (Core Set)

      1 Shameful Display (Core Set)
      1 Manicured Garden (Core Set)
      1 Entrenched Position (Core Set)
      1 Magistrate Station (Elements Unbound)
      1 Feast or Famine (Into the Forbidden City)

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