Hatamoto – Kunshu Season

Hatamoto – Kunshu Season

A new season means new Hatamoto. This list contains those players who managed to make Hatamoto at a Kotei or Grand Kotei in the Kunshu Season.

A year later and FFG still has not updated their Hatamoto page. So here we are. Those who already have the title retain it until two Winter Court World Championships have passed since the title was awarded. Rather than extending the previous seasons list we’re starting a new one.

Kunshu Kotei Icon

Kunshu Season

In addition to the Hatamoto we also have the Favor and Glory points. This is being tracked by the Aztarun for the community at this google doc.


Date Event Name Faction
2018-12-01 Philadelphia Aneil Seetharam Dragon
2018-12-01 Philadelphia Erik Stenberg Scorpion
2018-12-01 Philadelphia Max Williams Crab
2018-12-01 Philadelphia Kyle Wislocky Crane
2018-12-01 Philadelphia Sigmond Varga Unicorn
2018-12-01 Philadelphia Philippe-Andre Pelletier Lion
2018-12-01 Philadelphia Tom Caddigan Phoenix
2018-12-07 Madrid Jakub Irzyk Scorpion
2018-12-07 Madrid Pablo Tobias Scorpion
2018-12-08 Madrid Shadowblade Lion
2018-12-08 Madrid Jose Luis S S Phoenix
2018-12-08 Madrid César Jiménez Scorpion
2018-12-08 Madrid Mario B A Scorpion
2018-12-08 Madrid Gustavo C C Phoenix
2018-12-08 Madrid Pablo Pintor Crab
2018-12-08 Madrid Alejandro Legorburu Crane
2018-12-08 Madrid Woody Lion
2018-12-08 Madrid Ferrnando P M Unicorn
2018-12-08 Madrid Ganix U A Dragon
2018-12-08 Madrid Aioria Crane
2018-12-08 Madrid Marc C R Dragon
2018-12-08 Madrid Jesús S R Unicorn
2018-12-08 Madrid Carlos M R Crab
2019-01-26 Cork J Luis Saenz Phoenix
2019-01-26 Cork Julien Fradin Dragon
2019-01-26 Cork Tam Fullard Crane
2019-01-26 Cork Dimitris Melissinos Scorpion
2019-01-26 Cork Marios Bounakis Lion
2019-01-26 Cork G Papadakis Unicorn
2019-01-26 Cork Daniel Barker Crab
2019-01-27 Cork Javier Querol Dragon
2019-01-26 Phoenix AZ Aneil Seetharam Dragon
2019-01-26 Phoenix AZ Brandon Scott Phoenix
2019-01-26 Phoenix AZ Kris Maclennan Crab
2019-01-26 Phoenix AZ Dan Mui Lion
2019-01-26 Phoenix AZ Luke S Crane
2019-01-26 Phoenix AZ Alexander Leong Unicorn
2019-01-26 Phoenix AZ Nathaniel Tan Scorpion
2019-01-26 Phoenix AZ Jared Wright Crab
2019-02-23 Toronto Max Williams Crab
2019-02-23 Toronto Yanik Richards Crane
2019-02-23 Toronto Allen Jones Dragon
2019-02-23 Toronto Matthew Beck Phoenix – Champion
2019-02-23 Toronto Philippe-André Pelletier Lion
2019-02-23 Toronto Kevin Ho Scorpion
2019-02-23 Toronto Nathaniel Godin Unicorn
2019-03-23 Paris GK Nuggetz Crab
2019-03-23 Paris GK Julien G Crane
2019-03-23 Paris GK Alvin Boschek Dragon
2019-03-23 Paris GK Tim van der Staaij Lion
2019-03-23 Paris GK Aneil Seetharam Phoenix
2019-03-23 Paris GK Vincent Jolivet Scorpion
2019-03-23 Paris GK Ide N Unicorn
2019-03-23 Paris GK Erik Baalhuis Crane
2019-03-29 Adepticon 1 Jasper Mangus Dragon
2019-03-29 Adepticon 1 John Ferrell Phoenix
2019-03-29 Adepticon 1 Jeremey Campshure Crane
2019-03-29 Adepticon 1 Jonathon Tessmann Unicorn
2019-03-29 Adepticon 1 Max Williams Crab
2019-03-29 Adepticon 1 Paul Durant Scorpion
2019-03-29 Adepticon 1 Greg Durant Lion
2019-03-29 Adepticon 1 William Zhang Dragon
2019-03-30 Adepticon 2 Max Williams Crab
2019-03-30 Adepticon 2 Mike George Crane
2019-03-30 Adepticon 2 Derek Copp Dragon
2019-03-30 Adepticon 2 Jason Scarrow Lion
2019-03-30 Adepticon 2 Anthony Calabrese Phoenix
2019-03-30 Adepticon 2 Mat Frye Scorpion
2019-03-30 Adepticon 2 Tim Scarrow Unicorn
2019-04-28 Denver James Matthews Crab
2019-04-28 Denver Jeremy Bennett Crane
2019-04-28 Denver Arash Afghahi Dragon
2019-04-28 Denver Chris Pepe Lion
2019-04-28 Denver Aneil Seetharam Phoenix
2019-04-28 Denver Kevin Ho Scorpion
2019-04-28 Denver Daniel Kaye Unicorn
2019-04-29 Denver Anthony Hunter Edwards Dragon
2019-05-04 Athens Panagiotis Xanthopoulos Crab
2019-05-04 Athens Erik Baalhuis Crane
2019-05-04 Athens Nikos Androulakis Dragon
2019-05-04 Athens Marios Bounakis Lion
2019-05-04 Athens Vasilis Kir Phoenix
2019-05-04 Athens Luiz Bretas Scorpion
2019-05-04 Athens Alexis Chionis Unicorn
2019-05-25 Atlanta Alexander Diaz Crab
2019-05-25 Atlanta Mark Armitage Scorpion
2019-05-25 Atlanta Nick Mason Crane
2019-05-25 Atlanta Jeremy Spencer Phoenix
2019-05-25 Atlanta James Lewin Dragon
2019-05-25 Atlanta MYChal Edwards Unicorn
2019-05-25 Atlanta Charles Delux Lion
2019-05-26 Atlanta Steve Palumbo Scorpion
2019-05-31 Birmingham GK Chris Hornsey Unicorn
2019-05-31 Birmingham GK Darren Hazelden Crab
2019-05-31 Birmingham GK Vasilis Kirlis Phoenix
2019-05-31 Birmingham GK Erik Baalhuis Crane
2019-05-31 Birmingham GK Gunnar Traustason Dragon
2019-05-31 Birmingham GK Mario Blanco Alonso Scorpion
2019-05-31 Birmingham GK Marios Bounakis Lion
2019-06-01 Birmingham GK Alain Laugier Crane
2019-06-01 Birmingham GK Kailam Dale Unicorn
2019-06-01 Birmingham GK Dimitris Roumeliotis Lion
2019-06-01 Birmingham GK Liang Zhong Scorpion
2019-06-01 Birmingham GK David Hoyland Crab
2019-06-01 Birmingham GK Rik Hyde Dragon
2019-06-01 Birmingham GK Jose Luis Saenz Phoenix
2019-06-01 Seattle GK Aneil Seetharam Crab
2019-06-01 Seattle GK Mykael Dolph Phoenix
2019-06-01 Seattle GK Kevin Ho Scorpion
2019-06-01 Seattle GK Anthony Hunter Edwards Dragon
2019-06-01 Seattle GK Augustine Shim Crane
2019-06-01 Seattle GK John Carico Unicorn
2019-06-01 Seattle GK Aric Logsdon Lion
2019-07-06 Nürnberg GK Dominik Klapper Crane
2019-07-06 Nürnberg GK Matthieu David Scorpion
2019-07-06 Nürnberg GK Daniel Knauss Crab
2019-07-06 Nürnberg GK Stephan Klopfer Unicorn
2019-07-06 Nürnberg GK Timo Johnson Phoenix
2019-07-06 Nürnberg GK Benjamin Riehl Dragon
2019-07-06 Nürnberg GK Tobias Vater Lion
2019-07-07 Nürnberg GK Nicolas Simonpietri Crane
2019-08-02 Gencon 2019 Mark Armitage Scorpion
2019-08-02 Gencon 2019 Aneil Seetharam
2019-08-02 Gencon 2019 Jared Wright Crab
2019-08-02 Gencon 2019 Chris Pepe Lion
2019-08-02 Gencon 2019 Jeremey Campshure Crane
2019-08-02 Gencon 2019 Jasper Mangus Dragon
2019-08-02 Gencon 2019 James Perrone Unicorn
2019-08-03 Gencon 2019 Brad Emon Scorpion
2019-08-03 Sydney Kotei 2019 Hamoun Iranmanesh Scorpion
2019-08-03 Sydney Kotei 2019 Paul Hallett Unicorn
2019-08-03 Sydney Kotei 2019 Brendon Stove Lion
2019-08-03 Sydney Kotei 2019 James O’Doherty Phoenix
2019-08-03 Sydney Kotei 2019 Mike Alexander Dragon
2019-08-03 Sydney Kotei 2019 Anthony Newton Crane
2019-08-03 Sydney Kotei 2019 Nathan Beatie Crab
2019-08-23 Kraków Grand Kotei 2019 Konstaninos Paltoglou Crab
2019-08-23 Kraków Grand Kotei 2019 Pablo Casares Crane
2019-08-23 Kraków Grand Kotei 2019 Neojko Dragon
2019-08-23 Kraków Grand Kotei 2019 Sotirios Konstantelos Phoenix
2019-08-23 Kraków Grand Kotei 2019 Tom Nys Lion
2019-08-23 Kraków Grand Kotei 2019 Jakub Irzyk Scorpion
2019-08-23 Kraków Grand Kotei 2019 Oskar Bladh Unicorn
2019-08-24 Kraków Grand Kotei 2019 Pablo Pintor Espinosa Crab
2019-08-24 Kraków Grand Kotei 2019 Lukas Vogelgsang Crane
2019-08-24 Kraków Grand Kotei 2019 Javier Querol Dragon
2019-08-24 Kraków Grand Kotei 2019 David Teva Moreno Phoenix
2019-08-24 Kraków Grand Kotei 2019 Dimitris Roumeliotis Lion
2019-08-24 Kraków Grand Kotei 2019 Akis Chotemis Scorpion
2019-08-24 Kraków Grand Kotei 2019 Fernando Piqueras Mancebo Unicorn
2019-09-22 Bologna Kotei 2019 Daniel Correas Crab
2019-09-22 Bologna Kotei 2019 Alessandro Apicella Crane
2019-09-22 Bologna Kotei 2019 Michele Carrieri Dragon
2019-09-22 Bologna Kotei 2019 Marios Bounakis Lion
2019-09-22 Bologna Kotei 2019 Ákos Hirt Phoenix
2019-09-22 Bologna Kotei 2019 Norbert Vincze Scorpion
2019-09-22 Bologna Kotei 2019 Terék Milán Unicorn
2019-09-23 Bologna Kotei 2019 Pietro Sebastiano Monari Scorpion
2019-11-07 Winter Court 2019 Stephen Didion Crab
2019-11-07 Winter Court 2019 Andrew Case Crane
2019-11-07 Winter Court 2019 Anthony Hunter Edwards Dragon
2019-11-07 Winter Court 2019 Aaron Boyd Lion
2019-11-07 Winter Court 2019 Travis McDaniel Phoenix
2019-11-07 Winter Court 2019 Erik Stenberg Scorpion
2019-11-07 Winter Court 2019 Mychal Edwards Unicorn
2019-11-08 Winter Court 2019 Pablo Pintor Espinosa Crab
2019-11-08 Winter Court 2019 Yanik Richard Crane
2019-11-08 Winter Court 2019 Arash Afghahi Dragon
2019-11-08 Winter Court 2019 Jason Scarrow Lion
2019-11-08 Winter Court 2019 Jose Luis Saenz Phoenix
2019-11-08 Winter Court 2019 Jakub Irzyk Scorpion
2019-11-08 Winter Court 2019 Daniel Kaye Unicorn
2019-11-09 Winter Court 2019 Matthew Beck Phoenix
2019-11-09 Winter Court 2019 Zachary Lowe Scorpion
2019-11-09 Winter Court 2019 Steve Palumbo Scorpion

As always, if there are any problems or issues post below.

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33 Replies to “Hatamoto – Kunshu Season”

  1. Thx for the update Baz !

    Seems that the title got really harder to get, unless you are wearing red mask. Maybe FFG should extend how hatamoto is given ? Can’t take 5-1 since that would mean 33 hatamotos in a big event like Madrid, but Going for Top 4 or Top 8 in a GK doesn’t seems unreasonnable. That won’t mean 4 or 8 more hata since most already are. But that would reward the achievement. Won’t be a big change since the season is still young. Only a few mat to send to the happy few.

    1. It’ll be an interesting experiment for FFG for the year. I think if they end up with a massive pile of mats left over, especially if they end up giving out none for a clan or two, then they might ask some questions. It definitely makes Hatamoto more prestigious which is kinda cool, but we still have lots from the old season who still retain it so that eliteness only kicks in next year!

  2. Old Hata system was kind of hidding game unbalance between clan. But the new one will highlight it. FFG have to take great care or the organised play will become a joke very fast if the same clan take all the titles and with the titles all the favor (and to some extend glory) points. And next year will be even worse when old hata will loose their ranks and only the new ones will remain. Will the RL and CotE be enough to put an end to the scorpion supremacy ? Only time will tell !

  3. We’ve just had some big changes to how Hatamoto are awarded. At Kotei and Grand Kotei those players who make top of clan at the end (after the single elims) get Hatamoto. If the finals are two players of the same clan then they both get Hatamoto.

    This is retroactive, so congrats to a bunch of players from Madrid and Philadelphia. Thanks to Aztarun for updating his spreadsheet so quickly, I’ve cogged his hard work 😉

  4. Shouldn’t Greg Nielsen be Hatamoto for Philly? He is 6th on Lotus Pavilion while Jeremey is 7th determined my SoS.

    1. I believe I finished 6th whereas Jeremy finished at 7th determined on strength of schedule from Lotus Pavilion.

      1. I actually think there is no mistake in the listing. Title is now awarded at the end of the event (and not at the end of day 1). Jeremey lots to the winner of the GK so it should be ranker higher than Gregory (who lost to a quaterfinalist).

        Strength of schedule as given by Lotus Pavilion doesn’t take into account the results of day 2. But the spreadsheets of Aztarun-sama does.

        1. But to be honest I think they should give the title to both in case of a tie. It’s not a big deal and will avoid unnecessary frustrations.

  5. Do you have a link I can check out? If so that’s such a bummer. Greg has been so close to Hatamoto twice now.

    1. I’ve updated this page to show the uncertainty. As far as I can see from the Lotus Pavilion listing https://thelotuspavilion.com/tournaments/3073/scores/10 it does include the final day and Greg is coming out top. Unfortunately this listing was prepared by diligent players and the actual tournament was run on Best Coast Pairings which might differ.

      You should email organizedplay@fantasyflightgames.com and ask them to look into it. It will be really useful to see what should happen for future events!

  6. The link you provided Baz doesn’t include day 2. The SoS are the same as the one in day 1. No even sure SoS is to be used to sort players with the same rank in TOP. Guess we will need to wait for FFG final word on this matter.

    Will day 1 sos, day 2 sos, or loosing to the highest ranked player be used ? Wait and see !

    1. Aha, you’re right. The games are included, but the SoS doesn’t change when I switch between the different steps of the cut. That’ll make it hard for tournament organisers to work out Hatamoto.

      1. The format did not change- hatamoto status is still granted to the top of clan after the day one Swiss rounds. Kyle Wislocky, 2nd after Swiss, is Crane hatamoto for the Philadelphia Grand Kotei. This has been confirmed already by Cascade Games in the L5R Facebook.

        The line in the FFG article that appears to be tripping people up is about the status being awarded “at the end of the event” which goes on to explain what that means for Favor and Glory points. Meaning, if you are top of clan day 1, you don’t get Favor and Glory points during day 2 of your promotion event, because you technically aren’t awarded hatamoto until “the end of the event” for favor/glory purposes. Only “existing” hatamotos (those who started the event with status) earn Favor/Glory. Newly promoted ones have to wait until the next event to earn points. This also is unchanged from the way it worked last season.

        Keep in mind that there is no need to calculate SOS in a single elimination tournament, and FFG is not introducing that need just for Hatamoto here. There already is a clear ranking on day 1. Also, the Kunshu Kotei season does not have clan challengers for top 16, meaning those who are top of clan after day 1 but failed to make the day 2 cut can receive their Hatamoto prizes and not need to come back the next day.

        1. Can we have a link to Cascade Facebook (but Cascade is not FFG) ?

          It’s not that part that make us think that Top of clan is after day 2 and not day 1 it’s this sentence :

          “Hatamoto status will once again be granted to the top samurai from each of the seven Great Clans—as well as both players in the Top 2 in the event that they both hail from the same clan.”

          Why should they hail from the same clan if title is already given after day 1 ?

          Cascade may have made a mistake in interpreting FFG words, or maybe this last sentence is wrong and should not have been written.

          But that was a nice move I think to give title at the end of the Kotei and not at the end of day 1. Gregory and Jeremey are tie to 5th place which is the best Crane performance. And none of them should get title ? Seems weird to me.

          1. The language for the Grand Kotei part of the article (which is what Philadelphia was) is clearer and says it awards “Hatamoto status to the top player from each of the seven Great Clans, as well as both players at the final table.”

            That’s the structure it’s always been, including at this year’s worlds: Hatamoto is based on day 1 top of clan, and then day 2 players can earn it, if they haven’t already at that event, by making it to the finals.

            Also the language quoted from the Kotei section, saying “once again,” indicates it goes back to the way it used to work. Which for last season was based on Swiss rounds. It’s not plausible to do a new SOS analysis after the tournament is over just to determine Hatamoto, for the reasons discussed- is it based on day 1? Day 2? The benefit of top 16 cut is you have one ranking and then don’t need to worry about SOS again. Especially where, as will often occur, multiple players from one clan lose in the top 16 or top 8 on day 2.

            Don’t have the Facebook link handy at the moment, sorry.

  7. I asked Alex Watkins and he said “it’s top of clan after swiss rounds, so before the elimination rounds begin”. We may have a confirmation on FFG website soon, but I will take Alex words as being as official as possible.

    Have an happy new year !

  8. Please check again de 1st day of swiss in Madrid, in my case I end the tournament in 12th position, 1st lion of the day, I’m not earn enouthg points to classifieds to the 32 top, but earn the hatamoto rank according my position as a first lion of the day? So… I’m a hatamoto? Please can recheck this situation thx

    1. Hi Woody. I’m not the one who decides who gets Hatamoto. If you need confirmation I suggest you email FFG Organised Play. I’ll be updating this page eventually once it’s all clear.

  9. So according to Aztarun googledoc, so far (after Atlanta) we have for this season :
    Europe : 619 players, 39 titles given, 6,3%
    North America : 329 players, 46 titles given, 14,0%

    Paris 168 players, and 8 titles.
    Chicago 45 players day 1 and 46 day 2 (but most players were the same), and 15 titles.

    Working as intended ?

  10. Aneil’s Phoenix Hatamoto-ship from Denver should now be crossed through after he picked up Crab at Seattle.

  11. Hello there! As always, thanks for tracking all of these for us. Quick note, Liang Zhong was playing Unicorn on day 1a of the Birmingham Grand Kotei and Scorpion on Day2. You have him as a Lion Hatamoto.

      1. You need to update Liang Zhong as a Scorpion Hatamoto at Birmingham GK (he gained it at Day 1B), he didn’t gained Unicorn Hatamoto at Day 1A.

  12. Krakow hatamoto of phoenix clan was Sotirios Konstantelos
    You had it properly and for some reason you changed it

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