L5R Books on Audible

L5R Books on Audible

Despite FFG no longer supporting the LCG, Aconyte are delivering book after book! Lately, they’ve also been appearing in audiobook, so this is a great time to catch up!

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They should also be available on Libro.fm, Audiobooks.com, Google, Apple/iTunes, Storytel

The Great Clans of Rokugan

This is a compilation of some of the Novella previously produced along with a new short story from Katrina Ostrander herself!

Curse of Honor

David Annandale’s book was the first in the series that came out and provides a great entry book requiring no background knowledge at all. Set in Crab lands, it gives a chilling portrayal of the creatures of the Shadowlands.

Poison River

This first novel in what looks to be a regular series delves deep into the intrigue of the City of the Rich Frog as Daidoji Shin seeks to unravel a mystery. If you follow Josh Reynolds on twitter you’ll know he’s a massive mystery nerd and takes this love of the genre to craft some truly wonderful stories. This is a who done it, but also a why did they do it and what did they actually do? The story is full of layers as Shin removes one for us, beneath are even more questions. This book is packed with detail and could easily be a starting point for a city RPG along the same lines as the classic City of Lies boxed set.

Death’s Kiss

Although this story takes Daidoji Shin out of the City of the Rich Frog, it doesn’t take him out of trouble. His skills are requested in Unicorn lands and this mystery begins with Shin knowing the what, who, and seemingly the why. Of course, there is more to it and Shin spends his time making trouble for everyone around him.

The Night Parade of 100 Demons

Marie Brennan’s amazing take on the Night Parade of 100 Demons story is a masterpiece study of both Shugenja and the spirits they deal with. The two main characters, a Dragon Shugenja and a Phoenix scholar, find themselves in a humble village deep in the mountains that has been attacked by spirits. As much as the story is about the two characters finding out about, what they eventually realise is the Night Parade of 100 Demons, the characters are deep and engaging and half the fun of the book is finding out more about these characters.

To Chart the Clouds

One of the episodes of the fantastic Last Province Podcast talked about the delicate task of cartography (and roads in particular) in Rokugan. The Clans aren’t particularly interested in their enemies knowing their terrain nor the Imperial tax collectors the full extent of their wealth. Evan Dickens dives deep into that topic with a wonderful story about an Imperial Cartographer in training whose attention to detail get’s her wrapped up in the intrigue of the Empire.

On the horizon, we still have the 3rd in the Daidoji Shin series The Flower Path, another collection of Novellas The Great Clans of Rokugan, and The Heart of Iuchiban which sounds like a version of the classic RPG module, although hopefully a lot less lethal.

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