Meta Check – Bologna Kotei

Meta Check – Bologna Kotei

Bologna Kotei is the last of the European Koteis. Will Europe finally manage to shake the ‘pincer’ dominion of the Scorpion and Crab following the US example at Origins?

Day 1

Games have started and Lotus Pavilion is being used with the tournament here. Again I encourage you to support the site with their Patreon. For the main event, we have 71 players.



At the end of the swiss, there were 5 who made the cut and 7 challengers for a total of 12 players going into day 2.

Top players

  • 1. Marcos Yergia – Scorpion Hatamoto
  • 2. Piotr Romanowski – Scorpion
  • 3. Davide Cesari – Scorpion
  • 4. Marcin Gnimsh Filipowicz – Crane Hatamoto
  • 5. Alain Laugier – Crane
  • 6. Luca Salvi – Scorpion
  • 7. Nico P. – Unicorn Hatamoto
  • 8. Ádám Horváth – Crane
  • 9. Ralph Pfeufer – Dragon Hatamoto
  • 11. Orian Gissler – Crab Hatamoto
  • 12. Marco Guerresi – Phoenix Hatamoto
  • 22. Fabio Malino – Lion Hatamoto

Win rates for day 1

If you look at the number of games played, you’ll see it is small enough So let’s not be drawing too many inferences from it. Nonetheless, as the data is there on Lotus Pavilion it is pretty easy to run some charts and it’s always fun 🙂


Day 2

Day 2 bracket starts off with 4 byes for Marcos, Marcin, Piotr, and Davide. Off to a strong start for Scorpion.

Finals are in progress, Ralph playing Dragon versus Piotr playing Scorpion. And Dragon take it! Congrats to Ralph.

Position Name Faction
Winner Ralph Pfeufer Dragon
Top 2 Piotr Romanowski Scorpion
Top 4 Marcin ‘Gnimsh’ Filipowicz Crane
Top 4 Davide Cesari Scorpion
Top 8 Marcos Yergia Scorpion
Top 8 Alain Laugier Crane
Top 8 Luca Salvi Scorpion
Top 8 Orian Gissler Crab
Top 16 Fabio Malino Lion
Top 16 Marco Guerresi Phoenix
Top 16 Ádám Horváth Crane
Top 16 Nicolas Passemard Unicorn
Two Dragon victories in a single weekend! And when many had counted them out. Especially in this top cut field full of Scorpion. It’ll be really interesting looking at the deck and seeing if Ralph’s is similar to Aneil’s from the Origin’s Kotei.
Shout out to the organisers of Bologna for having a sweet Hatamoto Area! One of the most important features at one of these events.

If you have any comments or feedback please post them in the comments section below. Join us on our Twitch stream every second Monday at 8pm BST, 9pm CEST, 1pm PST.

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    1. Awesome, thanks for posting it, and Crane splash very interesting.
      More important, congrats on Hatamoto!

    1. Phoenix dishonour with backhanded! and Isawa Mori Seidō! Very nice. I bet that was a surprise for your opponents 😀

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