Meta Check – Adepticon 2019

Meta Check – Adepticon 2019

This is a weird one. For Adepticon 2019 there are two L5R Kotei events. One event starting on Friday and having Day 2 on Saturday while the second starts on Saturday and has it’s Day 2 on Sunday.

Kotei A

The events are being tracked on Best Coast Pairings. The Friday event is linked here and has 46 players in total. At the end of Friday, the following players had made the cut of 5-1:

  • Jasper Mangus – Dragon (undefeated)
  • John Ferrell – Phoenix
  • Jeremey Campshure – Crane
  • Andrew Moore – Phoenix
  • Jonathon Tessmann – Unicorn
  • William Zhang – Dragon

We expect the number to be padded out to the top 8 players for Day 2. That would be 3 more players who would be:

  • Derek Copp – Dragon
  • Tom Kirchgesner – Phoenix

*Corrected* That leaves Hatamoto for Crab, Scorpion, and Lion who don’t make day 2.

  • Max Williams – Crab
  • Paul Durant – Scorpion
  • Greg Durant – Lion

Notably, there were only 3 Lion players, Greg went 3-3 while the other two went 2-4.

Finals were William Zhang playing Dragon (who now gets Hatamoto) and Jonathan Tessman playing Unicorn with William taking victory.

As is becoming increasingly common, Azartun has reproduced the event on Lotus Pavilion here. That lets me do win rates 😀

Hopefully it goes without saying at this stage, but normal cautions apply. This is a relatively small sample, the chart displays the games that were played and not the relative strengths of the clan. Use stats with care.

Kotei B

The Saturday started a new Kotei. Total attendance 45 players. Details up on BCP here.

Players who made the cut.

  • Max Williams – Crab (undefeated)
  • Jason Scarrow – Lion
  • Tim Scarrow – Unicorn
  • Anthony Padula – Lion

As of yet, it’s unknown whether they’ll push the bracket out to 8 or leave it at 4. The remaining top of clans who make Hatamoto are:

  • Mike George – Crane
  • Mat Frye – Scorpion
  • Derek Copp – Dragon
  • Anthony Calabrese – Phoenix

Apparently, it was a top 8. Again hero players are transcribing the event onto Lotus Pavilion.

The winner is Jason Scarrow playing Lion!

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12 Replies to “Meta Check – Adepticon 2019”

  1. How sad is it to think that just showing up could give you Hatamoto. Some love for Lion is really due !

  2. Those are not the guys who got Scorpion and Lion Hatamoto on day 1 of Adepticon 2019. I know because the people who did were me and my brother. I was 4-2 Scorpion and he was 3-3 Lion.

    Lion is so bad, they didn’t even bring the Lion Hatamoto playmats.

    1. Thanks for that Paul. I either messed up reading BCP or something changed on it. I’ve updated the list now.
      The next day we get to see 2 Lion players go 5-1! This is a wild world.

    1. I believe the new role will be announced sometime this month with the new role going live May 1st.

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