Meta Check – Denver

Meta Check – Denver

This weekend we have the Denver Kotei. This has the Unicorn pack legal but not yet the Crane pack. It will also be right before the upcoming changes to the restricted list.

There are a total of 61 player which is a great turnout for a US event. The event is being tracked on Best Coast Pairings. Attendance heavily favors the Unicorn clan, which makes sense given the recent release.

Event also added to Lotus Pavilion by a hero.

At the end of the swiss 7 had the required 5-1 or better.

In a change to previous US Koteis, for some reason the 8th player isn’t being included in the bracket and instead Aneil who was top at the end of swiss is getting a bye.

Qualifying players are

  • Aneil Seetharam – Phoenix (H)
  • James Matthews – Crab (H)
  • Arash Afghahi – Dragon (H)
  • EVAN Gibbs – Phoenix
  • Daniel Kaye – Unicorn (H)
  • Chris Pepe – Lion (H)
  • Anthony Hunter Edwards – Dragon

Top Crane was Jeremy Bennett in 14th place, top Scorpion was Kevin Ho in 8th place.

Final day had Aneil playing Phoenix beat Andrew playing Dragon in the finals. Congrats to Aneil for another victory! Some of the games were commentated on twitch by Travis


Aneil's winning Phoenix Deck
By: MindsDesire

Kyūden Isawa (Disciples of the Void)
Seeker of Air
Fertile Fields (Core)
Kuroi Mori (Core)
Manicured Garden (Core)
Meditations on the Tao (Core)
Upholding Authority (Tainted Lands)

Character (29)
3 Ethereal Dreamer (All and Nothing)
3 Solemn Scholar (Core)
2 Asako Tsuki (Meditations on the Ephemeral)
3 Miya Mystic (Core)
3 Shiba Yōjimbō (Core)
1 Isawa Atsuko (Core)
3 Isawa Ujina (Children of the Empire)
3 Master of Gisei Toshi (Fate Has No Secrets)
3 Prodigy of the Waves (Into the Forbidden City)
3 Isawa Tadaka (Disciples of the Void)
2 Hantei XXXVIII (Children of the Empire)

Holding (11)
3 Favorable Ground (Core)
3 Forgotten Library (Core)
1 Kanjo District (Meditations on the Ephemeral)
3 Secluded Shrine (Disciples of the Void)
1 The Imperial Palace (The Chrysanthemum Throne)

Conflict (40)
Attachment (10)
3 Embrace the Void (Tears of Amaterasu)
2 Fine Katana (Core)
2 Ornate Fan (Core)
3 Cloud the Mind (Core)

Character (6)
3 Ancient Master (Breath of the Kami)
3 Shrine Maiden (For Honor and Glory)

Event (24)
3 Banzai! (Core)
3 Censure (Into the Forbidden City)
3 Court Games (Core)
3 Let Go (Core)
3 Supernatural Storm (Core)
3 Against the Waves (Core)
2 Clarity of Purpose (Disciples of the Void)
2 Display of Power (Core)
2 Consumed by Five Fires (Fate Has No Secrets)

Arash's top 4 Dragon deck
Standard Deck (Top 4 at Denver)
By: Arash Afghahi

Mountain’s Anvil Castle (Core)
Seeker of Void
Pilgrimage (Core)
Restoration of Balance (Core)
Sacred Sanctuary (Breath of the Kami)
Shameful Display (Core)
Vassal Fields (Children of the Empire)

Character (33)
3 Doomed Shugenja (Core)
3 Togashi Initiate (Core)
2 Togashi Mendicant (Meditations on the Ephemeral)
3 Agasha Swordsmith (Core)
3 Miya Mystic (Core)
2 Prudent Challenger (Children of the Empire)
3 Kitsuki Investigator (Core)
2 Kitsuki Shomon (Underhand of the Emperor)
3 Mirumoto Raitsugu (Core)
1 Tranquil Philosopher (Children of the Empire)
2 Master Alchemist (The Fires Within)
3 Togashi Mitsu (All and Nothing)
3 Togashi Yokuni (Core)

Holding (7)
3 Favorable Ground (Core)
3 Imperial Storehouse (Core)
1 The Imperial Palace (The Chrysanthemum Throne)

Conflict (40)
Attachment (16)
3 Fine Katana (Core)
3 Seal of the Dragon (Meditations on the Ephemeral)
1 Ancestral Daishō (Core)
3 Cloud the Mind (Core)
3 Finger of Jade (Tears of Amaterasu)
3 Reprieve (Core)

Character (6)
3 Ancient Master (Breath of the Kami)
3 Tattooed Wanderer (Core)

Event (18)
2 Banzai! (Core)
2 Censure (Into the Forbidden City)
3 Court Games (Core)
3 Hurricane Punch (Breath of the Kami)
3 Let Go (Core)
3 Void Fist (All and Nothing)
2 The Mountain Does Not Fall (Core)

Action Johnny's top 4 Unicorn deck

Denver Broncos – Top 4 Denver Kotei
By: action_johnny

Hisu Mori Toride (Elements Unbound)
Keeper of Fire
Border Fortress (Tainted Lands)
Khan’s Ordu (Warriors of the Wind)
Pilgrimage (Core)
Rally to the Cause (Core)
Upholding Authority (Tainted Lands)

Character (34)
2 Child of the Plains (Into the Forbidden City)
3 Moto Youth (Core)
2 Utaku Infantry (Core)
3 Border Rider (Core)
3 Keeper Initiate (Core)
2 Miya Mystic (Core)
3 Shinjo Trailblazer (Warriors of the Wind)
2 Master of the Swift Waves (The Ebb and Flow)
3 Moto Nergüi (Disciples of the Void)
3 Utaku Tetsuko (Underhand of the Emperor)
3 Shinjo Shono (Breath of the Kami)
2 Minami Kaze Regulars (Elements Unbound)
3 Moto Chagatai (Warriors of the Wind)

Holding (6)
3 Shiotome Encampment (Breath of the Kami)
3 Windswept Yurt (Tears of Amaterasu)

Conflict (41)
Attachment (10)
3 Curved Blade (Warriors of the Wind)
3 Fine Katana (Core)
2 Cloud the Mind (Core)
2 Talisman of the Sun (Meditations on the Ephemeral)

Character (9)
3 Iuchi Wayfinder (Core)
3 Shinjo Ambusher (Children of the Empire)
3 Tattooed Wanderer (Core)

Event (22)
1 Assassination (Core)
3 Banzai! (Core)
2 Captive Audience (Core)
1 Challenge on the Fields (Children of the Empire)
2 Defend Your Honor (Children of the Empire)
3 Let Go (Core)
3 Spoils of War (Warriors of the Wind)
1 Unleash the Djinn (Elements Unbound)
3 Charge! (Core)
3 Cavalry Reserves (Core)

If you have any comments or feedback please post them in the comments section below. Check us out on the Imperial Advisor website, podcast, and YouTube channel for more discussion about the L5R LCG.

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    1. The American decklists always seem trickier to find. I think the top two have been posted on Bushibuilder so I’ll have a look for them later in the day.

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