Meta Check – Syndey Kotei 2019

Meta Check – Syndey Kotei 2019

The Australian Kotei is under way and at 41 players it is the largest L5R event across 5 continents!

The event is recorded up on Lotus Pavilion. Games are being streamed from the Hidden City Roller’s twitch with commentary being added by HandsomeDan and Aneil.

The clan spread has the expected bias towards Phoenix but Lion so well represented suggests people are having success with the new EBS build and the low numbers of Crane which many see as a potential counter to Phoenix is a surprise.

At the end of day 1, any player who makes the qualification points (so 5-1 or better) will move on to day 2. If there are less than 8 players, then normally the bracket will fill up to 8, Australia is hardcore though.

Obviously, with the smaller numbers the figures end up distorted, but we’re seeing Scorpion doing really well again. Unicorn is actually qualifying, which is a significant improvement on last year and the Lion deck actually seems to have some game!

Phoenix is the big boogie man at the moment, purely down the raw economy of their Forebearer’s Echoes deck. From the 44 Phoenix games, Scorpion, Lion, and Crane all have positive win rates against Phoenix which is encouraging.

If it’s a top 8 then the cut will be the following, although it looks like some players are going to have to drop so it’s likely we’ll see a top 4 cut instead.

  • Hamoun Iranmanesh – Scorpion – Hatamoto
  • Roy Lai – Scorpion
  • Brendon Stove – Lion – Hatamoto
  • James O’Doherty – Phoenix – Hatamoto
  • Paul Hallett – Unicorn – Hatamoto
  • Zane Landrigan – Phoenix
  • Chris Coldwell – Phoenix
  • Mike Alexander – Dragon – Hatamoto

Crane and Crab hatamoto are

  • Anthony Newton – Crane
  • Nathan Beatie – Crab

Top 4 ended up like this:

Congrats to Paul for winning the first Kotei for the Unicorn clan! The cut was streamed again by the HCR team and commentated by TravisFightsDragons.

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